Islamized UK: Political Leader Banned Over Quran Burning While Muslims Target Christian Children (Video)

On Sunday evening, Danish-Swedish politician and lawyer Rasmus Paludan announced he was going to Wakefield, England, to burn a Quran on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the beginning of Ramadan.

In response to Paludan’s scheduled protest, UK Security minister Tom Tugendhat added the leader of Stram Kurs’ political party to the county’s immigration watchlist. He stated: “His travel to the United Kingdom would not be conducive with the public good, and he will not be allowed access.”

In a video posted to his party’s Facebook page, Paludan explains he was to travel to the UK to protest the “undemocratic forces” at play in Great Britain that led to the sharia witchhunt of four British schoolchildren. Paludan exposed Wakefield’s Muslim community leaders, an Islamic politician, local police, and the child’s school who teamed up to target and harass the children. One of the young boys who suffered the most brutal consequences is a severely autistic 14-year-old.


Paludan explains that on February 23, 2023, a highly autistic 14-year-old Christian English boy took his own copy of the Quran to his school, Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield. The Quran accidentally ended up on the ground and was slightly scuffed.

The school suspended the child and three other children after UK Councillor, Muslim Akef Akbar, launched a ‘deadly’ intimidation campaign against the children and the autistic child’s mother.

Shockingly, the head of the school and the police took part in a humiliating “quasi-judicial” Islamic hearing where the boy’s mother had to wear a sharia head covering and beg for her child’s life. The mom was intimidated into apologizing, although there was nothing to apologize for, explains Paludan.

Paludan is outraged that the children and a mother of a young British child suffering from a neurological and developmental disorder are being humiliated and “humbled” by what he calls “tyrannical forces working within Europe.”

There is no blasphemy law in England, explains Paludan. “It is legal to criticize stupid religions.” In response to the undemocratic people’s threats against the 14-year-old boy, Paludan announced he would travel to Wakefield, UK, and burn a Quran in front of the school. He explains that it is a tribute to freedom of speech in England and the rest of Europe. “It is a legal action that will, of course, be done in cooperation with West Yorkshire Police and other authorities,” stressed Paludan’s political party.

In a video posted by Paludan to his political party’s social media accounts, he explains, “I am going to come to Wakefield and England and burn a Koran in a public square to show the undemocratic forces in Wakefield that whenever you try to humble us, whenever you try to humiliate us, we will fight back. We will burn the horror book, the stupid Holy Quran, which is not at all holy, but in fact, invented by the serial rapist, mass murderer, and pedophile thief Mohammed. So the beginning of Ramadan in Wakefield will be the horror book in flames.

Sweden announces burning the Qur’an is allowed by law

Just yesterday, Sweden’s Appeals court overruled police and said that burning the Qur’an is allowed by law. Last year, the police made their own decision to refuse Paludan a demonstration permit in Norrköping. The decision was taken considering that there would likely be disturbances from the Muslim side, as Paludan intended to burn a copy of the Koran. However, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the police made a mistake denying permission.

If Sweden disallowed the Qur’an burning because Muslims would riot, they would only ensure that Muslims would riot again the next time they want something. But given Sweden’s demographics, this permission is not likely to last long. The UK has been so Islamized that they will not even allow Paludan to enter the country.

Islamized UK

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, here is the situation today in major British cities and boroughs. The total population is listed on the left, with the Islamic percentage in parentheses:

  • Birmingham, population 1,149,000: (29.9%)
  • Leeds, 792,000: (7.8%)
  • Sheffield: 584,000: (10.3%)
  • Bradford: 536,000 (30.5%)
  • Manchester: 553,000 (22.3%)
  • Bristol: 467,000 (6.7%)
  • Cardiff: 357,000 (9.3%)
  • Leicester: 357,000 (23.5%)
  • Nottingham: 331,000 (12.2%)
  • Newcastle: 315,000 (10.3%)
  • Blackburn with Darwen: 148,000 (35%)
  • Fenland: 101,000 (12.2 %)
  • Luton: 218,000 (32.9%)
  • Slough: 164,000 (29.4% )
  • Watford: 96,000 (13%)
  • Pendle: 91,000 (26%)
  • Oldham: 237,000 (24.3%)
  • Rochdale: 211,000 (18.8%)
  • Kirklees: 438,000 (19%)
  • Barking and Dagenham: 211,000 (24.4%)
  • Brent: 331,000 (21.4%)
  • Newham: 352,000 (34.8%)
  • Redbridge: 303,000 (31.3%)
  • Tower Hamlets: 319,000 (39.9%)
  • Westminster: 261,000 (20%)

And now, let us imagine these cities in 10, 20, and 30 years. Britain’s Muslim population is estimated to be 13 million by 2050According to Ed Husain, one of the leading Muslim intellectuals in the United Kingdom:

“With almost five million Muslims, there are thousands of new buildings with domes and minarets and in the decades ahead, mosques are predicted to mushroom across the whole land.”

Nothing to worry about. Half of the mosques in the UK are affiliated with the Deobandi movement, adhering to the same Hanafi school of law that created the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Soon, half of Birmingham’s population will also be Muslim. “There were 301,000 Muslims in Birmingham in 2018, making up 27% of the local population,” wrote the Birmingham Mail in 2019. “The number of Muslims has risen by 21% from 249,000 in 2011.” The same newspaper noted that Muslim children in the city now outnumber Christian ones.

“In the working-class district of Small Heath, in the eastern part of the city, 95 percent of the population is Muslim,” Le Figaro reported in 2017 about Birmingham.

“Some shops have different closing times corresponding to those of the daily prayers… The bookstores are religious. Travel agencies guarantee ‘Muslim friendly’ holidays with destinations where customers – especially female customers – are offered access to facilities with non-mixed spaces and swimming pools where women can swim and ‘preserve modesty’”.

No one knows what Britain will be like in 30 years. We might, however, be concerned about a scenario in which large parts of the UK and Europe could resemble Pakistan. Brexit or not, that would be the end of Britain as we know it.