The liberal administrator of a school in Greenwich, Connecticut, has finally resigned over his bigoted comments targeting conservatives, which were recorded in a video that went viral last year.

In August 2022, Cos Cob School assistant principal Jeremy Boland was recorded by Project Veritas as he talked about a progressive political agenda in his hiring policy. Boland stated that conservatives and Catholics are not hired under his policy, which only selects “open-minded” progressive teachers who can deliver a “Democratic message” to students. Boland also told the undercover journalist that applicants that side with parents against his own proposed teaching plans don’t get the job.

The video of Boland’s bigoted remarks earned him instant backlash and led to calls for an investigation into the school’s hiring process. Bill Donahue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, demanded a full-scale investigation and stated:

“We need to know how many Catholics have been turned away from employment in Greenwich public schools, and not simply at Cos Cob.”

Connecticut State Attorney General William Tong launched an investigation into the matter, and Boland was placed on administrative leave. James O’Keefe, founder and then lead investigator at Project Veritas, called it a success to have moved the authorities to launch a probe and send Boland on administrative leave.

Other investigations by different officials and agencies were also opened including Greenwich Public Schools district’s own probe and one by the state’s Department of Education. While the investigation by the school district was completed in October, the findings were never released as the officials waited for all investigations to complete.

And as the findings of the investigations are yet to be made public, Boland tendered his resignation earlier this month. The school authorities accepted his resignation effective June 30. James O’Keefe, who recently left Project Veritas and started his own O’Keefe Media Group, welcomed the news of Boland’s resignation by tweeting a video of his encounter with Boland soon after the liberal administrator was busted for his bigoted views and hiring practices.

“More history will be made this week,”  O’Keefe tweeted.

Whether Boland is held accountable for what he did in his capacity as a school administrator is to be seen pending the results of the multiple investigations into his conduct.

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