Massive Anti-Globalist Protests Rock France

Protests on the Streets of Paris, via Twitter

Over 3.5 Million protesters turned out throughout France today, with over 700,000 in the capital of Paris alone, in a massive anti-globalist protest against the Macron regime dubbed #BlocageDeLaFrance. While the mainstream media is billing it as a protest against the government’s pension reform plan, the protesters’ other demands include halting the destruction of France’s energy sector, an end to the war in Ukraine, and an end to the totalitarian Covid policies adopted by the government.

The country came to halt on Tuesday, with trains cancelled, fuel deliveries disrupted, roads blocked, and schools shut down. This was the largest in a series of national strikes in France this year as the protests have expanded to other sectors, with garbage collectors and truck drivers joining the strike.

Truckers blocking the highway in France, via Twitter

People have expressed their firm opposition to increasing the retirement age from 62 to 64, a plan developed by the Macron regime in collaboration with the globalist investment fund BlackRock. They are also upset that their government is spending massive amounts of money to Ukraine while neglecting the needs of its own citizens. “We will continue until the reform is withdrawn,” the head of FO union, Frédéric Souillot, told the French radio station RTL.

“The role of BlackRock and the European Union in formulating the plan has exposed the role of the globalists,” Florian Philippot, President of the Les Patriotes Party tweeted. “Never forget the role of BlackRock, which works hand in hand with the European Commission and with Macron, to recover a very lucrative market! This is also what we block on Tuesday!… We blocked the Champs-Élysées this morning. If one morning the French decide to do it in 100 cities, with thousands of vehicles mobilized, then we make the government bend in a few hours!”

Police Beating a Protester in Paris, via Twitter

The majority of French citizens support the strikes according to a survey conducted by the French polling company Elabe. According to the poll, 56% support rolling strikes, and 59% are in favor of bringing the country to a standstill. Over two-thirds of French citizens support the protest movement against Macron’s planned pension reform.

Protests in France on Tuesday, via Twitter

The protests were marred by Police violence, as the Macron regime, egged on by the globalist media in France, determined to use force against the peaceful protesters. Police beat protesters and used tear gas against them in Paris and Lyon. The Macron Government also employed its private militia, the Black Blocs, an Antifa-like group, to stir up violence and attempt to discredit the opposition to the government’s policies. There was also a report that they arrested an observer from the League of Human Rights.

The protests are expected to continue tomorrow.