President Trump stated that the far left is fascist, and no one disputed it

Maybe it’s finally dawning on the fascist far left that their projection tactic has limits, and people have finally taken note of their true ideology. 

Last Friday on the Glenn Beck radio program, President Trump boldly stated what has been bloody obvious for quite some time: despite the lies and incessant projection, the anti-freedom far-left is fascist.  Given the incendiary nature of that charge, the nation’s socialist media should have immediately lost what is left of their minds and overreacted in the usual way.  After all, they’ve spent decades pushing their big lie that the left cannot possibly be fascist. 

A few short years ago, that would have been huge news, but instead, there was just the sound of virtual crickets.  Why?  Are we so divided that they aren’t paying attention to the pro-freedom media anymore?  Or does it portend something far worse for the anti-freedom authoritarians of the far left more than ever before?  

We’ll also note that they’ve spent decades trying to deny that a National Socialist German Workers’ Party was a National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with the far left over the past 80 years, you have been subject to their bluffing on one of their biggest lies.

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