Stew Peters Show: Freedom Caucus Cowards Lied to Voters, Won’t Impeach Biden

Nationally-syndicated news host Stew Peters was joined by attorney Francis A. Boyle for a segment exposing the House Freedom Caucus over its failure to move forward with impeaching Joe Biden and open-borders DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkis. Boyle has already drafted the articles of impeachment and handed them over to the Freedom Caucus, which has refused to act. This is despite Freedom Caucus members, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, campaigning and raising money on Biden’s impeachment since the day he was installed as President.

Citing Joe Biden’s belligerence related to the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, his brazen violations of the War Powers Clause of the US Constitution, and his open egging on of a World War 3 scenario, attorney Francis A. Boyle joined Stew Peters to explain the action that can immediately be taken against the administration to stop the madness.

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