Texas Tech Basketball Coach Accused of Racism, Loses Job for Quoting Bible Verse

Texas Tech basketball coach Mark Adams has been run out of his job after he was accused of racism for quoting The Bible.

Texas Tech Basketball Coach Accused of Racism, Loses Job for Quoting Bible Verse

Texas Tech basketball coach Mark Adams has been forced to step down after he was accused of racism for directly quoting a Bible verse to a member of his basketball team, first prompting a suspension before his ultimate demise over the Christian scripture that the school calls “unacceptable and racially insensitive.”

Mark Adams, the reigning Big 12 coach of the year, has lost his job at Texas Tech after a brief suspension, in yet another “racism” saga that began after he directly quoted a Bible verse in a conversation with one of his players about being more receptive to coaching and instruction. Adams, who reportedly resigned, is still being accused of racism by the school and corporate media, despite the Texas Tech Athletic Director publicly stating that any manufactured offense Adams caused was “unintentional.”

It’s unclear if Adams’ resignation was forced, or came of his own volition.

According to a March 5th report from Stadiuma sports news site, Adams was suspended after Texas Tech described the Bible verse about how there is “always a master and a servant” as an “inappropriate, unacceptable, and racially insensitive comment,” and that Adams’ return to his team would be contingent on an “investigation” into the situation.

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“I was quoting the scripture,” Adams reportedly told Stadium. “It was a private conversation about coaching and when you have a job and being coachable,” Adams explained.

“I said that in the Bible that Jesus talks about how we all have bosses, and we all are servants. I was quoting the Bible about that.”

Apparently, another coach on the team informed Adams that his quoting of scripture had offended one of the players, leading to Adams explaining himself before the team but, as he put it, not apologizing.

“One of my coaches said it bothered the player,” Adams told Stadium. “I explained to them. I didn’t apologize.”

Adams was absent this week when his team lost to West Virginia University in the Big 12 basketball tournament and announced his departure from Texas Tech shortly thereafter.

“My lifelong goal was to help and be a positive influence on my players, and to be a part of the Texas Tech men’s basketball team,” Adams, who is himself a Texas Tech graduate and previously worked in the program as an assistant coach, said in a statement announcing his resignation.

“However, both the University and I believe this [Bible verse] incident has become a distraction for the Texas Tech men’s basketball team and the University, which I care about so deeply.”

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