Transgenderism remains a mental illness

Accompanying the horrifying news today that a mass shooting took place at a Christian elementary school near Nashville, TN was the bizarre background information about the alleged assailant.  A troubled young woman has been blamed for the killing of three adults and three children, and she identified herself as a transgender person, according to online profiles she left behind.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, age 28, had once been a student at Covenant Presbyterian Church’s school, which she returned to yesterday to gun down others.  Her motives for slaughtering six innocent people aren’t clear, but it’s obvious to anyone that she suffered from one or more mental illnesses.  Whether or not we find out what inner demons drove her to her fatal actions today, we know that her foray into transgenderism should’ve prompted those who knew her to seek competent psychological counseling.

In a sane society, people do not pretend to magically transform into the other sex (and yes, there are only two categories of reproductive sex for humans), nor do we allow people to dictate their “preferred pronouns.” Sexual identity is set at birth, and barring medical anomalies or a doctor’s faulty vision, that is our actual sex until we die. At least that was the case until recently when the justifiably mentally ill and the radical Left (and those categories often overlap) demanded that we play along with their twisted game of make-believe and agree that men and women can somehow scientifically “transition” to the other sex.

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