Trump beats DeSantis in Fox News Conducted Live in Florida Diner

Polls have President Trump leading the 2024 GOP Field.

Brian Kilmeade visited Metro Diner in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on Tuesday morning to ask customers live on air which GOP candidate they are voting for in the 2024 GOP primary election. Most customers answered Donald Trump; even those wearing a DeSantis t-shirt could not commit to voting for Ron DeSantis in the upcoming GOP Primary.

Kilmeade appeared live on Fox and Friends at 6:30 am Tuesday. Kilmeade’s first question to patrons in the packed diner was: “2024 who is pumped up for the election?” The diner crowd broke out in applause. Kilmeade then asked, “Rapid fire, who is your man or woman?” Kilmeade started making his way around the diner. Every person Kilmeade surveyed at the diner said, “My man is Doland Trump.” Towards the end of the segment, Kilmeade noticed a woman wearing a DeSantis shirt. “Governor DeSantis…how about President DeSantis? Who is your pick?” Kilmeade asked. The woman in the DeSantis shirt replied, “Trump or DeSantis, either or.”

Twitter users were quick to mock the segment.

President Trump took to Truth Social to mock the segment, as well. “Fox is working overtime for DeSanctimonius, but they are failing—look at the polls. We are MAGA,” Trump said.

President Trump’s lead over Ron DeSantis continues to grow. Most polls currently have Trump with at least a 15-point lead over DeSantis.

Recently, Jeb Bush endorsed DeSantis, and in a Truth post on Tuesday, Trump criticized DeSantis for the recent endorsements that he has received. “So now we have ‘Jeb!’, RINO Paul Ryan, and Marxist George Soros wanting Ron DeSanctimonius — Does that tell you anything?” the former president asked.

This August, the first 2024 RNC Primary debate will happen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 2024 GOP Primary election season will kick off in February 2024.