Vaxx Update: “Medical Fascism” in America. It’s not coming… it’s HERE! What is it, how it’s being ‘Trojan Horsed’ into our society, and what, if anything, can be done about it.

The unvaccinated are now crystal clear targets for the globalists (the WHO, the CDC, and even the FBI). The next pandemic’s coming; you are nothing but “tuna” waiting to be netted. Details attached…

“Medical Fascism” is a term used to describe a system of government or societal control that utilizes medical practices to enforce authoritarian policies.

This system is often characterized by the merging of medical and political authority to achieve the government’s goals.

The term is derived from the Italian word fascismo, which refers to a political ideology promoting authoritarian government, nationalism, and totalitarianism.

Medical fascism can manifest in various forms, but it typically involves the use of medical practices to enforce strict social control.

This can include the use of forced sterilization, euthanasia, or other forms of medical experimentation to rid society of people deemed “undesirable” by the government or ruling class. Medical fascism can also involve the forced vaccination or medication of citizens, without regard for individual rights or personal autonomy.

One of the most infamous examples of medical fascism was the Nazi regime’s use of medical practices to enforce their ideology. Under Hitler’s rule, the medical establishment became heavily involved in implementing policies of racial purity and eugenics. These included the forced sterilization of people deemed “unfit” for reproduction, as well as the extermination of millions of people deemed “inferior” based on their race or ethnicity.

Another example of medical fascism can be seen in some authoritarian governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some countries took measured approaches to contain the virus, others used the pandemic as an opportunity to expand their control over citizens. This included the use of forced quarantine, mandatory testing and vaccination, and the suppression of dissenting voices.

Medical fascism has devastating consequences for individual rights and public health. When medical practices are used to enforce authoritarian policies, it results in a violation of basic human rights and a lack of accountability for those in power. This can lead to widespread suffering and even death, particularly for marginalized or vulnerable populations… like the current unvaccinated class of folks who refuse the C-19 “jab.”

To counter the rise of medical fascism, it’s important to uphold individual rights and maintain a separation between medical and political authority. This means respecting individual autonomy and ensuring that medical practices are used to promote public health, not to enforce political agendas.

It also means holding those in power accountable for their actions and ensuring that checks and balances are in place to prevent abuse of authority.

Clearly, medical fascism is a dangerous form of government control that utilizes medical practices to enforce authoritarian policies. It can manifest in various forms, from forced sterilization to mandatory vaccination, and can have devastating consequences for individual rights and public health. To prevent the rise of medical fascism, it’s critical to maintain a separation between medical and political authority and uphold individual rights and freedoms like the doctrine of fully informed consent prior to agreeing to ANY medical procedure… including vaccination.

Here’s the WHO (World Health Organization) “Trojan Horse” Explained in One Image:

Here are the career highlights of the WHO Director-General :

All this bullshit is being justified under the progressive woke concept of “Health Equity” as defined here…

“Health Equity” is the concept that all individuals should have the opportunity to achieve optimal health, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, geographic location, or other factors that may affect their access to health care and other resources.

It means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible and to reach their full potential in life.

Health equity recognizes that health outcomes are influenced by a complex web of social, economic, and environmental factors that may create barriers to accessing health care and other resources. These factors include poverty, discrimination, lack of education, inadequate housing, and unequal access to healthy food and safe living environments.

Health equity is important because it acknowledges the structural and systemic factors that contribute to health disparities and seeks to address them through policies, programs, and interventions that promote fairness and justice. It also recognizes that improving health equity requires collaboration across sectors and stakeholders, including healthcare providers, public health officials, community organizations, policymakers, and others.

Here’s the tracking and enforcement tool…

IDC codes, also known as ICD codes, stand for International Classification of Diseases codes. They are a standardized system of codes used by healthcare providers and public health officials to classify and code diagnoses, symptoms, and procedures. The ICD codes are maintained and published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are used globally.

ICD codes are used for a wide range of purposes, including billing and reimbursement, tracking disease outbreaks and public health trends, research, and clinical decision-making. Each code is composed of alphanumeric characters and describes a specific condition or procedure.

ICD codes are periodically updated to reflect advances in medical knowledge and changes in healthcare practices. The WHO adopted an 11th version of the ICD in 2022.

The WHO introduced Code Z28 to record reasons for lack of vaccination — including shots routinely recommended to children.

The three codes related to COVID-19 Vaxx status are:

Z28.310: “Unvaccinated for COVID-19”

Z28.311 “Partially vaccinated for COVID-19”

Z28.39 “Other underimmunization status”

These codes can be used by healthcare providers and public health officials to track immunization rates and to identify individuals who may be at increased risk for vaccine-preventable diseases. It is important to note that these codes are not used for billing or reimbursement purposes, but rather for clinical and public health purposes.

(Yeah, right!)

The ostensible reason for creating these codes is that the lack of being vaccinated is a risk factor for being hospitalized, dying, and having more complications from COVID-19.

Now, the real reason is so YOU, as a “Vaxx Refusenik”, can be easily tracked and codified into a target group.


There are many ways to track one’s vaccination status, however, here’s one that was implemented in the EU during the active period of the recent COVID-19 pandemic:

During the active phase of the C-19 pandemic, you were not allowed to travel nor enter most public venues WITHOUT your Green Pass authorization.

It Is Not Agenda 2030 – It Is Agenda 2023 – The Expose
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Who Aspires To Control And Manipulate People’s Behavior In The Next Pandemic Trevor Loudon
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Purse seine fishing is a fishing method that is commonly used to catch large schooling fish such as tuna, as well as other species like sardines, anchovies, and herring. It is an efficient fishing method that allows for large quantities of fish to be caught in a short period of time.

In purse seine fishing, a large net is used to encircle a school of fish. The net is then drawn closed at the bottom, forming a “purse” or bag around the fish. The net is then hauled aboard the fishing vessel, and the fish are transferred to the boat’s hold.

Purse seine fishing is particularly effective for catching tuna because tuna often swim in large schools close to the surface of the water. The fishing vessel will locate a school of tuna using sonar or visual cues, such as the presence of birds or other marine life. Once the school is located, the fishing vessel will maneuver the net around the school and encircle the fish. The net is then drawn closed and the fish are caught.

Purse seine fishing is efficient because it allows for a large number of fish to be caught at once.

The un-Vaxxed are the “tuna”, the ICD codes are the tracking method used to see where the “tuna” are, the Green Pass application (or something similar) will be used to control the un-Vaxxed’s employment and freedom of movement, and the coming CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) will be tied to your un-Vaxxed status to absolutely control where and with whom you spend your money (think Credit Scoring).

Your life will no longer be your own…

What can be done?

Apparently, not much. Very recently, the strongly red and conservative states like Wyoming and South Dakota FAILED to pass legislation that would bar vaccine or mask mandates.

Why did they fail? Too much “Mother’s Milk” of Federal monies to the state might be lost in the process. Ergo… Principal Outweighed Principle.

Where in the hell do you go with that checkmate?

Wyoming Lawmakers Kill Anti-Vax Discrimination Bill

Please click on this image for a link to the article…

Please click on this image for a link to the article…

I’ll close this edition of with the comment I received from co-researcher Gabi yesterday after I shared the above link with her:

“I saw that a few days ago, and wholeheartedly agree that this is something we must do. Research (not publicized in the legacy media) clearly shows that the jabs are harmful – they have caused countless deaths and disabilities. In my opinion, we also need legislation that prohibits the state government from mandating any medical procedures to include vaccines, even those on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule. Our legislators desperately need to educate themselves beyond what the Federal Administration and government agencies publish. There are many cover-ups because of clear (monetary) conflicts of interest between the NIH, CDC, FDA, federal legislators, the WHO, and the pharmaceutical industry. The Florida legislators, Health Secretary, and Gov. DeSantis are setting a clear example and path that should be followed by every state seeking to free itself of the Federal stranglehold of the past three years.

Since the South Dakota legislative session is coming to a close next week, perhaps Gov. Noem could be persuaded to call a special session to deal with this issue. The next pandemic, as announced by the WHO (bird flu) looms on the horizon.”

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