BUD LIGHT ‘BLOODBATH’: Americans Boycott ‘Trans’ Beer in Record Numbers, Sales Down 30%

Americans publicly boycotted Bud Light Beer this week just days after the company partnered with Transgender TikTok star Dylvan Mulvaney, with one St. Louis bar owner describing the reaction as a “bloodbath.”

“I think society flexes it muscles sometimes and reminds manufacturers that the consumer is still in charge,” Jeff Fitter, owner of Case & Bucks, a restaurant and sports bar in Barnhart, Missouri, told FOX Business.

“In Bud Light’s effort to be inclusive, they excluded almost everybody else, including their traditional audience.”

Original Article: https://www.thefirsttv.com/bud-light-bloodbath-americans-boycott-trans-beer-in-record-numbers-sales-down-30/