Donald Trump Takes Off The Gloves, Body Slams DeSantis

On Thursday, following the governor’s previous criticism of him, former President Trump responded by referencing polling data in response to Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

“Ron DeSanctimonious is moving quickly—without moving quickly! But he ought to look at his poll numbers, which are plummeting like nobody has ever seen them before,” Trump said. “It is because he’s just an ordinary Republican governor with excellent PR, much more than warranted.”

According to a Monmouth University survey issued on Tuesday, Trump is 14 points ahead of DeSantis with 41% of GOP supporters wanting him to win the party’s nomination. Other recent polling has also indicated that Trump would easily defeat DeSantis in a showdown.

In a second Truth Social post, Trump reiterated his criticism of “DeSanctimonious.” DeSantis chose to contact the former president after speaking with Piers Morgan during the interview, and Trump claimed that it was an attempt to “rescue his failing Campaign.” DeSantis has not yet declared his intention to run in the GOP primary, but this seems plausible. Added Trump:

“Ron DeSanctimonious is not advocating for the citizens of Florida as he should be because he’s too busy conversing with a ratings-challenged English News anchor, trying desperately to save his failing Campaign—But that’s my fault, I put him there. “Whilst I am battling against Radical Left Lunatics, Persecutors, as well as unjust Prosecutors who seek to destroy us all.”

The greatest hint yet regarding DeSantis’ plans for 2024 came in his interview with Morgan: “I possess what it requires to be president and I can beat Biden.”

Moreover, DeSantis made light of one of Trump’s pet names for him. He confessed, “I don’t know how to spell the sanctimonious one. I kind of like it, but I have no idea what it means. It’s lengthy. There are many vowels in it. That’s okay; we’ll go with it.”

“I mean, you can call me anything you want, as long as you also call me a winner,” said DeSantis.  “Since that’s what we have been able to accomplish here in Florida, put an enormous amount of points on the board and really push this State to a higher level.”

One of the greatest accusations against Trump may have been made when DeSantis was questioned about a prospective indictment by the Manhattan district attorney during a press conference. The governor emphasized his helplessness to address the circumstance.

“I have no idea about what goes into paying a porn star hush money so they will keep quiet regarding an alleged affair,” DeSantis added.

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