“Drag Queens” Storm Kirk Cameron’s Library Story Hour

When Kirk Cameron got approved to read his Christian book to children at libraries across the country – pro-LGBT activists lost their minds.

Up until Cameron entered the scene, “drag queen” story hours dominated libraries with LGBT activists having full access to children to promote their sick agenda.

But now these “drag queens” have been met with fierce opposition from Kirk Cameron and other Christians and just wait until you hear how they responded.

To start – many libraries had refused to let Cameron come and read his Christian children’s book for story hour…

… that is until Cameron threatened a lawsuit for the violation of his First Amendment rights.

Libraries had no problem letting sexual predators read to children

… so long as they were promoting the LGBT agenda.

For years, conservative parents have been terrorized by grown men dressed as woman prancing around public libraries thinking they had won the battle to impose their perverse agenda onto young, impressionable children

And then Kirk Cameron entered the room.

After trying to stall and keep Cameron from reading the book he wrote about the fruits of the Spirit – they eventually were forced to realized they couldn’t.

Begrudgingly, a few of the libraries caved and families poured in by the thousands to be a part of Cameron’s story hour.

But at one story hour in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a group of “drag queens” decided to protest and showed up determined to prove that the hearts and minds of children belonged to them.

Photos surfaced of grown men wearing makeup and dresses – some even in high heels.

These “drag queens” were intent on disrupting Cameron’s story hour and even blocked children and families from being part of it.

Cameron’s publisher told Fox News Digital what happened, and while it’s certainly obnoxious – sadly, it isn’t surprising.

Fox News reported:

“The publisher told Fox News Digital in a statement, “It was such a joy seeing families and their kids enjoying such a great time with Kirk Cameron and his story hour.”

It went on, “Unfortunately, the little children in attendance were forced to see men dressed as women, men wearing bright rainbow colors and individuals with black and white paint covering their bodies.”

The publisher also said, “Many of these individuals were holding signs that were blocking the view of the kids and parents. It was a shame they decided to come out and disturb such a beautiful scene at the Fayetteville Public Library.”

But this is what the left does.

They terrorize and harass anyone who disagrees with them – hoping they can silence and shut them down for daring to go against their radical agenda.

Cheers to Kirk Cameron for being willing to step out in faith and shine as a bright light in contrast to the darkness being pushed on our children.

“Drag queens” can protest all they want – but they’ll never be able to stop families and conservatives from unifying together to fight back against the indoctrination of children.

Let’s hope this latest publicity stunt in Arkansas causes enough attention to make even MORE people attend Cameron’s next story hour!