‘HANG WITH ME’: Little Girl Refuses To Follow Biden Into White House

President Joe Biden met with small children on the White House lawn this week, and there were numerous awkward moments of the sort that have become the 80-year-old President’s trademark.

“Well, what’s it like in the White House?” he asked her. “Come here. You hang here with me for a minute and I – you don’t wanna go in the White House? Oh, okay. Alright.”

The crowd gathered around Biden then laughed politely.

The incident was captured on camera and quickly made its way to social media, where it has been widely shared and commented on. Many conservatives have been quick to criticize Biden’s behavior, citing his previous odd interactions with small children.

Some conservatives have speculated that Biden’s interactions with children are a sign of something more sinister at play. They point to previous incidents where Biden has been overly familiar with young girls, including multiple instances where he has been caught on camera touching their hair and whispering into their ears

Others have simply dismissed the incident as yet another example of Biden’s wacky behavior. They argue that his tendency to ramble and say inappropriate things is just part of his larger pattern of gaffes and missteps.

Regardless of one’s interpretation, it’s clear that the incident has once again brought attention to Biden’s bizarre behavior around children. Whether it’s a cause for concern or simply a source of amusement, only time will tell. But for now, it’s safe to say that the little girl’s refusal to hang out with him in the White House has only added to the confusion surrounding the president’s interactions with children.

Original Article: https://valiantnews.com/2023/04/hang-with-me-little-girl-refuses-to-follow-biden-into-white-house/