Kayleigh McEnany: Flimsy Indictment of Trump Has CNN Pundits Doing the Unthinkable

On Wednesday, Kayleigh McEnany, co-host of “Outnumbered,” observed that former President Trump has gained some “unexpected supporters” in light of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s announcement of charges. McEnany highlighted that legal analysts and commentators from mainstream sources such as CNN are criticizing the frailty of Bragg’s argument.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We talked about the unlikely allies for the former president this week, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney came out saying this was a flimsy, flimsy case, but an even more unlikely ally is the press. I mean, these remarks are remarkably lucid and candid from the press, ABC: this is the sloppiest statement of fact I’ve ever seen in a major case. That’s an ABC reporter. CBS legal experts say Trump’s felony charges will be difficult to prove. Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus: the indictment unsealed on Tuesday is disturbingly unilluminating. So he’s found an unlikely defender in the press. I don’t know that I can remember a time when that’s happened. So my advice to President Trump would be let the media defend you on this because they’re doing it even on CNN. Focus on 2024, the issues for the American people [that are] really important right now. There’s a yearning to hear about a lot of these issues. 

“Weak sauce” is how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Trump is being described by some of his staunchest Republican detractors.

Andrew McCabe, a former deputy director of the FBI and current CNN commentator, is among the mainstream media critics who have spoken out against the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg against former President Trump.

“If I had to characterize it, it’s a disappointment. I think everyone was hoping we would see more about the direction that they intend to take this prosecution. What is the legal theory that ties that very solid misdemeanor case 34 counts of misdemeanors to the intent to conceal another crime, which is what makes it a felony?It simply isn’t there,” McCabe said on CNN Tuesday, sharing an opinion with others on the network such as Van Jones and John Bolton.

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