Reparations: Foolish Whites Reap What They Sow

“All the stores will open if you say the magic words.”

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Do you remember Freddie Gray? Another black criminal who died at the hands of the police. In Baltimore in 2015.

There were days of rioting, a curfew, and 2,000 national guard troops.

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The day of Freddie Gray’s funeral, blacks looted and burned a CVS that the city had begged to be build in an “underserved” part of town.

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The mob set 14 other buildings on fire and burned 144 cars.

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The more mayhem, the more pressure to indict. Local black DA Marilyn Mosby charged six officers with manslaughter and other crimes.

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Not one was convicted, and a federal investigation went nowhere.

The charges were so absurd that a “Judge allow[ed] [a] malicious prosecution lawsuit against Mosby to proceed.”

The New York Times asked a young black man why there was rioting. I’ll never forget his reply:

“We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us, and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.”

This perfectly captures the black mentality. Blacks live in neighborhoods that they, themselves, wrecked and then ask, “This is all that is given to us?” Hard-working white people built those now “broken-down” buildings. Many had craftsmanship and detailing you won’t find in anything built today.

All over the country, blacks got beautiful neighborhoods they could never have built and now they complain about “crumbling houses.” The solution to crumbling houses is fix them up. But no, it’s “Is this all that is given to us?”

I won’t even go into “they take our fathers and community centers away,” except to say that if “they” meant anyone other than their own pitiful selves, it was the black mayor of Baltimore, black DA, black police chief, black fire chief and black city council. If you think this guy was pathetic and self-absorbed, just imagine him today.

The San Francisco board of supervisors just voted unanimously to accept a report on reparations to blacks for all the awful things the city did to them. Note the Kente cloth border.

You have heard about some of the recommendations: $5 million in cash, cancellation of all personal debt, a guaranteed income of $97,000 a year – for 250 years. Blacks could buy any public housing unit in the city for one dollar.

There is a list of more than 100 gimmes, including this: “Create, improve and allocate culturally specific Black spaces.”

And this: “Publically [sic] commit to the restoration for the ways that racism has caused insult to Black humanity and manifested in both visible and invisible trauma through the means of compensation, restoration and rehabilitation.”

What are they even talking about?

And blacks are being generous. “$5 million reparations for black residents not enough, San Francisco official says.”

That’s Shamann Walton – one the supervisors who voted to accept the report.

Someone named Sage Howard wrote this for Huffpost.

“Five million dollars per qualifying person might sound like a lot — but hear me out.”

Her reasoning? She has no reasoning. Five mil just isn’t enough.

Eric McDonnell, chair of the reparations committee, says, “The number itself, $5 million, is actually low when you consider the harm.” To be precise, he says, “most certainly the 5 million is a very minuscule number.”

If you were sitting on $5 million you would be richer than 97 percent of all Americans.

The cost to San Francisco to make the payments would be 10 or maybe even 20 times its entire annual budget.

A few mealy-mouthed conservatives are asking, “Can San Francisco afford reparations?”

Gee, if it only had the dough, it really ought to write those checks.

And, of course, this is on top of the estimated $400,000 to $800,000 that the state reparations taskforce says should be splashed out to every black in California. “Black Californians may be owed $800bn in reparations, economists tell state.”

That’s several times the state’s yearly budget.

In a sane country, this stuff would be laughed right out of the room. We don’t owe blacks a dime. They should be eternally grateful they are here rather than in Africa.

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If the country were serious about reparations, they would owe us for wrecking city after inner city; ruining public schools; mugging, raping, and murdering thousands of white people every year, not to mention chewing their way through trillions in welfare.

Whites have made a terrible, insane mistake even talking about reparations.

Now, there are millions of people staggering around the country thinking they deserve $5 million just for being black. I bet some of them are already spending it. Loading up credit card debt? Picking up some new bling or a fancy car?

Just last week, Karen Ivery took a different approach. She went to Target, loaded her cart with $1,000 worth of groceries – they must sell caviar – walked up to the cashier, and said the store should let her have the stuff for free. “Reparations.” The cashier called a manager, and Miss Ivery walked up to her – there she is on the left – and started yelling that the white lady has a privileged life. A security guard told her to leave.

She started yelling at him and backed him all the way into his office, where he slugged her.

She told police this was her “Rosa Parks moment.” And why not? Rosa Parks was a criminal then, but she’s a hero now. When will Karen Ivery get her own postage stamp?

Every black shoplifter, smash-and-grab thug, carjacker, burglar, and rapist might as well think he’s Rosa Parks. The white man owes him $5 million. That purse or car was just a downpayment.

San Francisco may yet build a few more subsidized housing units and require a black-history course in fourth grade. That’s going to leave an awful lot of people very angry. The next time blacks riot, some crack New York Times news hound might learn that CVS and Walmart had to be looted and burned because “we was denied our reparations.”

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More foolishness is coming. These days, museums, colleges, churches, even government offices make “land acknowledgements.” Here’s one from the San Diego School District: “We acknowledge that we meet on stolen land, taken from Indigenous peoples. I am speaking to you from Kumeyaay land.”

The Presbyterian Church (USA) wants all its congregations to “begin their meetings with an acknowledgment of whose land they are meeting on.” This is to “work toward healing the harms of white settler colonialism.”

Not sure whose land you stole? Here’s an overview of Indian tribes.

If you want detail, here’s a closer look at central California, so your apology won’t leave out the Chumash or the Kashtik or the Me-Wuk.

America is full of white people who love to feel good about feeling bad about being white.

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But if every time I gave you a ride in my car, I explained to you that it actually belongs to Joe Bloggs on Third Street, wouldn’t you say, “Why don’t you give it back”? There is something twisted about white people solemnly confessing that they are thieves and squatters – and then doing nothing about it. But keep it up, and Indians are sure to ask for fat checks. And what’s to stop Hispanics from saying we stole the American Southwest from their ancestors, and they deserve fat checks, too.

For now, blacks are leading the charge. I keep coming back to the poet Amiri Baraka, who was so far ahead of his time. He had reparations figured out back in the 1960s. The Poetry Foundation, which has an archive of his work, notes that he taught at Yale, Columbia, and SUNY Stoney Brook.

He was poet laureate of New Jersey and Laureate of Newark Schools. You’ll have to pardon my language, but I’m just quoting the laureate:

“All the stores will open if you say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall motherfucker this is a stick up! … let’s smash the window drag the shit from in there. No money down. No time to pay. Just take what you want. The magic dance in the street. Run up and down broad Street, ni**ers, take the shit you want. Take their lives if need be, but get what you want . . . .”

The Poetry Foundation says “Baraka’s legacy as a major poet of the second half of the 20th century remains matched by his importance as a cultural and political leader.”

I’m sure that’s true.

If he was gazing down from heaven onto Compton, California last week, he would have been proud. [0:04 – 0: 12 0:33 – 0:39]. Residents say blacks turn the intersection into a drag strip two or three nights a week!

The same weekend, a mob of as many as 1,000 young blacks ran wild in downtown Chicago, jumped on cars, smashed windows, fought each other, attacked whites, and shot people. It was what Amiri Baraka called “the magic dance in the streets.” [0:00 – 0:13] “Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson said, “It is not constructive to demonize youths who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” Chicago Alderman Jeanette Taylor said, “I don’t justify this behavior, but think about this: would they be downtown if they had things in their own community?”

“This is all that is given to us?”

Blacks can sense that whitey is on the ropes. They won’t be punished. And all this moronic talk of paydays to come just confirms that they have the right to steal or destroy anything they like.

“All the stores will open if you say the magic words.” And the magic word is going to be “reparations.”

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