Suspect Accused of Running Secret Chinese Police Stations In America Seen Rubbing Elbows with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Last week, the Eastern District of New York announced the arrests of two New Yorkers for conspiring to act as Chinese agents

The individuals were identified as “Harry” Lu Jianwang, 61, of the Bronx, and Chen Jinping, 59, of Manhattan. Once confronted by the FBI, they allegedly destroyed evidence.

Now, a report suggests one of these wannabe Chinese agents may have ties to some prominent Democrats.

A video has emerged showing Lu mingling with two of the most powerful Democrats in America, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and NYC Mayor Eric Adams. They met at an event earlier this year where the Democrats spoke.

According to Fox News, the gathering was a fundraiser for the Fukien American Association, a cultural nonprofit linked to the Chinese province.

Of course, both Schumer and Adams deny knowing Lu. But one should consider the deep ties so many Democrats in America have to our most dangerous enemy.

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