What Do They Know? China’s Appetite for Gold Remains Insatiable

As we’ve covered many times on this site, central banks across the globe are buying up as much gold as they can. This makes sense considering the state of economies worldwide. One does not have to wear a tinfoil hat to realize their push for Central Bank Digital Currencies means they believe traditional fiat currencies will fall. In fact, standards such as the U.S. Dollar MUST fall in value in order for their CBDC dreams to come true.

The more perplexing move is being made by China. They and their state-run banks are also buying up as much gold as possible. Considering they’re already heading toward ubiquitous use of their Digital Yuan, it makes less sense for them to be investing in gold rather than their own economy, which has been struggling since the pandemic.

Do they know something we don’t?

China has demonstrated a penchant for predictive hoarding. Long before the current shortages in various food items, they were stockpiling grains and other foods. Their prescience for upcoming shortfalls makes one wonder if they are expecting economic changes in the near future to justify buying up as much gold as they can.

According to Kitco:

China’s appetite for gold remains insatiable as the latest data from the People’s Bank of China bought 18 tonnes of gold last month.

China’s gold shopping spree hit its fifth consecutive month; Krishan Gopaul, senior European, Middle East and Asian market analyst, said that since November the nation has bought 120 tonnes of gold.

“Total gold reserves now amount to 2,068 tonnes,” he said in his Twitter comment.

According to many analysts, China’s dominating presents in the precious metal market is completely changing the investment landscape, creating solid value for investors.

Bob Minter, director of ETF Investment Strategy at abrdn, said that in the current environment, with solid support in the market, its only a matter of time before gold prices hit new record highs. He also added that with so much uncertainty surging through financial markets having an overweight position in gold would be a good insurance policy.

Financial tensions are unlikely to be relieved any time soon. Are China, central banks, and other powerbrokers expecting markets to plummet soon? If they were, they’d be doing exactly what they’re doing now with gold.

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