Biden Sends Pakistan $500,000 Of U.S. Taxpayer Money To Help “Transgender Youth”

President Biden is utterly obsessed with ramming through his “transgender” agenda – and he wants to use your hard-earned money to foot the bill.

It’s not enough Biden is expanding the LGBT movement in America.

He’s determined to make the U.S. the “leader” in LGBT rights – and his latest shocking action proves how far he’s willing to go.

Biden’s on a crusade to cement his LGBT agenda worldwide and he wants you to pay for it.

In his latest attempt to confuse and terrorize young children, his administration took $500,000 of grant money to help “transgender youth” in Pakistan.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The State Department grant claims their goal is to help Pakistani youth learn English so they can “better participate in the global community and prepare them for success in the workplace.”

But the devil is in the details.

If you actually read what the grant is allocating funds for – it includes a hidden “transgender” agenda.

Fox News reported:

“The grant aims to reach that goal by focusing on three components: “(1) Professional Development for English Language Teachers from Non-Mainstream Institutions; (2) Professional Development for novice Pakistani English language teachers; and (3) Professional Development for Transgender Youth and for Afghan Teachers, Students, and Young Professionals Residing in Pakistan.”

Biden has some nerve.

Our economy is still in shambles thanks to his failed leadership . . .

. . . yet he wants to take money taxpayers are forced to pay the government to help “transgender youth and Afghan teachers” get professional development.

Whatever that even means.

But most Americans are asleep at the wheel and have no idea of where their tax dollars go.

Biden knows this, so he continues to ram through his radical LGBT agenda into schools – and all across the world – pushing things as far as he can until someone stops him.

Here in the United States, he’s threatened local schools if they don’t follow his LGBT blueprint, he’ll stop serving lunch to kids.

He’s forcing through “transgender” policies such as promoting males to compete against females in athletic events . . .

. . . and of course – he thinks “transgender” bathrooms should be available in every school.

Biden is so blind to the carnage from his agenda – he doesn’t care girls are sexually assaulted by men wearing skirts in school bathrooms.

Or that children who struggle with gender dysphoria are committing suicide because they are so depressed after taking hormone drugs.

All he cares about is being the powerful hand that carries out the agenda of the LGBT mob.

And now – his latest power play includes using the United States to push through the “transgender” agenda overseas in Pakistan…

… and making conservatives like you pay for it.

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