It Used To Be A Shining Democrat City, Now It’s Worse Than A Third World Country….

Imagine a city once renowned for its beauty, now drowned in the chaos of its own making.

San Francisco, a city whose foundations were laid by the hippies of the 1960s, has turned into a frightening dystopia of anarchy and lawlessness. The former flower children, once content with free love and rebellious exuberance, cut their hair and infiltrated politics, biding their time until they could bring forth their anarchic designs.

The solution? Simple, abolish law enforcement. Today, the inevitable consequences of this so-called ‘progressive’ design have left the city on the brink of ruin.

San Francisco, once the epitome of American innovation and success, has degenerated into a city that mirrors a Third World urban wasteland. Phil Matier, a journalist with the city’s liberal ABC affiliate, reflects this harrowing transformation. Sidewalks occupied by tents, streets teeming with homeless and mentally ill individuals, and fentanyl residues marking their trails—the city seems overrun by a problem it created but can no longer control. Ironically, the very progressives who were integral in creating a hub of high-tech innovation are now submerged in a zombie apocalypse of their own making.

And when the reality of the crisis struck the city’s ‘woke’ officials, they realized their grave mistake—they had effectively dismantled their only solution. The city, in desperation, called in the National Guard to clear out the ‘Tenderloin’ district, infamous for its rampant drug dealings. However, upon confronting the sheer magnitude of the crisis, they were forced to beat a hasty retreat.

Local law enforcement, outnumbered and overpowered by this zombie army, have abandoned the area. Consequently, the city that once held an esteemed position is now compared to an El Salvadoran barrio, its streets plagued by drug dealing and lawlessness.

The effects of the rampant fentanyl use in the city are as shocking as they are heartbreaking. The increasing number of overdose-related deaths has become a weighty burden on city resources. Paramedics, risking their own lives, scramble to administer Narcan doses to victims who may not even survive. It’s a catastrophic outcome of progressive policies that have effectively decriminalized drug use and petty crimes that fuel drug addiction.

The scenario in San Francisco is beyond a Third World crisis. As Matier puts it, “you put homelessness, mentally ill, and fentanyl together, and it’s worse than the Third World.” This grim spectacle is unfolding in the heart of the city, under the indifferent gaze of the rich and powerful. It’s a shocking testament to how far the city has fallen due to misguided progressive policies. Headlines now describe San Francisco as a decaying, crime-infested wasteland—a far cry from its glorious past.

San Francisco’s transformation is a tale of a city losing its character and identity to misguided policies and apathy. The fallout from the tech crash, the pandemic, and the shift to remote work has emptied out office complexes and transformed the cityscape. These vacant offices stand like abandoned gold mines, echoing the end of the city’s golden era. And an empty mine brings no riches.

Such dramatic changes come with profound economic consequences. The San Francisco Chronicle editorial board warns of a potential ‘doom loop,’ threatening to cripple the city’s tax base and public transit systems. The city, having pushed away its workforce through its complacency and poor management, stands on the precipice of an economic death spiral.

In the face of such a grim reality, one must ask: who bears the responsibility for the city’s downfall? The answer is clear. The so-called ‘progressive’ policies and the leadership that enabled them have led San Francisco down a dangerous path—one that, if left unchecked, could result in its ultimate ruin. It’s high time we take a hard look at the progressive narrative and its impact on our cities before it’s too late.

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