MSNBC’s Joy Reid compares pro-life politicians to the Taliban

On a new episode of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, host Joy Reid interviewed NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju. During the discussion, the two women said pro-life politicians are akin to terrorists in the Taliban. This is not the first time, Reid has drawn such a comparison.

The comments came following a recent North Carolina legislature vote to override the governor’s veto of a bill protecting preborn children from abortion after 12 weeks gestation. Pro-abortion activists stormed inside the State House screaming, while Speaker Tim Moore tried to restore order. According to Reid and Timmaraju, this made Moore similar to a terrorist.

“That scene of women weeping and chanting ‘Shame’ while a man bangs the gavel and basically tells them, if you can’t be quiet and let us strip you of your rights, you can get out, it felt very Taliban to me,” Reid said. “And I bring up the Taliban a lot with my poor beleaguered team. But the thing about Republicans now is that they are acting in a very Talibanesque way. They are a religious group of extremists who — they definitely don’t care about children. They want to control women.”

“They want total control over women,” she continued. “And they are exercising that control — let’s put up the map — all across the former slave states and in states in the West that they control, while women have no power to stop them, or a few like Tricia Cotham join them. And then these women wake up in a country — in a state where they have no rights. What to do?”

Pro-life Americans are not bound by religion or political affiliation. Pro-life beliefs are rooted in science and the conviction that human life should be protected no matter what — from conception to natural death.

Those beliefs — that every human life should be protected — could not be more different from the views espoused by the Taliban. Far from respecting all lives, terrorists freely and needlessly take lives. The Taliban works to restrict women’s rights — to vote, to work, to dress in clothing of their choice, to move freely, and even to live. That kind of oppression has nothing in common with pro-life laws, which restrict only one thing: the direct and intentional killing of innocent preborn human lives.

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