New York Hotel Kicks Out Americans to House Illegal Aliens

An upstate New York hotel is kicking out its American customers to house the illegal aliens that have been bused into New York City and further bused into communities outside of the city as the so-called “sanctuary” claims that the migrant busloads have overwhelmed its resources and that it’s time for the rest of New York, especially red counties, to feel the pain.

According to recent reports, the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh, New York has abruptly canceled the reservations of multiple wedding parties to accommodate the busloads of illegal aliens being shipped into the community by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who claims that his “sanctuary” city can no longer accommodate the busloads of migrants sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

A recent Daily Mail report profiled a couple from Florida, Gary Moretti and Deanna Mifsud, who had the 30 rooms they booked for guests at their upcoming June 24th wedding suddenly canceled, without notification. According to the report, the couple would have had no idea that their guests’ rooms had been canceled to house illegal aliens, had they not reached out to the hotel to confirm the status of their reservations while shoring up their wedding plans.

Similarly, a CBS report profiled another couple, Sean Plunkett and Nicole Hoeffrle, who had a very similar experience with the Crossroads Hotel.

According to that report, months ago, the couple reserved 37 rooms for their wedding guests, which were quickly booked. But just days ago, the entire booking was canceled. Just like in the case of Gary Moretti and Deanna Mifsud, the rooms the couple and their guests had booked have instead been converted into temporary housing for illegal aliens.

Wedding parties aren’t the only thing being impacted by the massive busing of migrants to New York communities. A church, which meets in the Crossroads Hotel on Sundays, has been forced to cancel its services, because of the illegal alien housing situation.

While Governor Greg Abbott’s migrant busing program, which has been imitated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has been hailed by corporate media networks and “Conservative Inc.” types like Fox News, it’s wreaked havoc on American citizens and has only accomplished pushing illegal aliens deeper into the interior of the United States.

In New York, where NYC Mayor Adams is passing the migrants off to upstate communities, it appears that Republican counties are specifically being targeted – like GOP-voting Orange County, where the Crossroads Hotel is based in Newburgh.

The immigration showdown in New York comes as the United States faces an unprecedented assault on the southern border by third-world migrants, including thousands of migrants from Communist China, in the aftermath of Title 42’s expiration.

The situation is quickly spinning out of control, reports suggest, and federal officials have admitted that the United States has effectively lost operational control of the US-Mexico border, saying that it’s largely in the hands of human-trafficking drug cartels.

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