Soviet-Style Persecution in Canada: Parents of Josh Alexander Targeted For His Christian Faith (Exclusive Interview)

The attacks on Josh Alexander’s parents have sent shockwaves throughout Canada and beyond. It’s a horrifying story of how a young student’s fight for his religious beliefs has led to his parents being punished and targeted by the Ontario school board.

Josh Alexander, a Grade 11 Christian student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, has been fighting against Gender Ideology being imposed on him and his classmates. As a result, he has been arrested multiple times for attending class after being excluded for indicating his intent to adhere to his religious beliefs. He has also initiated a human rights complaint against the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board, alleging discrimination in services based on his Roman Catholic creed.

But now, the situation has taken an even darker turn. On Sunday, Josh revealed that his parents, Nicole and Matt, both teachers in the public education system, have been removed from their positions and placed under investigation. The timing of their suspensions suggests retaliation for Josh organizing a student walk-out and his human rights complaint.

The reason given for his mother’s suspension is that someone had placed a pride flag on her kindergarten classroom door without her approval, and she had removed it. This is a flimsy excuse, and it is clear that Josh’s parents are being punished for their son’s activism.

In an interview with RAIR Foundation USA, Josh expressed his disbelief and frustration at the situation. He feels the school board is targeting him and his family to silence and intimidate him. He said, “They’re trying to silence us, to try to intimidate us and make an example of us.”

It is a truly horrific situation, reminiscent of tactics used by the Soviet Union to punish dissidents by targeting their families and friends. Josh’s fight for his religious beliefs has now cost his parents their jobs and put them under investigation. But he remains resolute and determined to continue fighting. “I will not be discouraged. It is wrong that my family has to pay the price for that just simply because I said God made male and female in my classroom,” explained Alexander.

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