The CIA May Have Just Saved Hunter Biden’s Life

According to a bipartisan committee report, the top House investigating committees have proof that at least one CIA employee reportedly had a part in acquiring signatures for the now-disproved declaration that 51 former intelligence officers signed in 2020 throwing doubt on the Hunter Biden account.

According to a copy Breitbart News acquired ahead of its anticipated release, known as the 65-page “interim report,” created by the judiciary panel, Intel Committee, as well as the Weaponization of the US Government Select panel, consists of a wealth of information about the coordination of the statement.

The Prepublication Classifying Review Board (PCRB) of the CIA, which the agency employs to evaluate pieces of writing, such as books as well as academic papers, that present and past CIA workers desire to publish, is the main topic of the study.

Prior to publication, the items are reviewed by the CIA’s PCRB to ensure they don’t include any classified material and to shield current and former personnel from “legal liability,” according to the agency’s webpage.

Based on written evidence from one of this statement’s 51 signatures, David Cariens, the committee’s investigation concluded that the CIA’s PCRB brought up the statement with the former CIA analyst after getting in touch with him over an unrelated issue – a book he was hoping to publish.

Cariens claims that the CIA board brought up the statement to him before he and his wife, who is also a former CIA employee, decided to sign it.

Cariens testified before Congress, saying, “I was informed of the draft letter when the person in charge of vetting the book phoned to say it was accepted with no revisions. I was asked whether I would be willing to sign.”

If true, the astonishing revelation reveals that a current CIA employee helped the former intelligence officers get at least a single signing for the controversial and politically-motivated letter that was made public in Politico just two weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), chair of the Judiciary Committee, said in a short interview with Breitbart News that the report’s conclusion was “completely inappropriate, completely wrong.”

According to Cariens’ testimony, Jordan added, “It certainly appears that the CIA was gathering names for this letter, which we now are aware was false and that was being pieced together in collaboration with the Biden campaign.”

Without providing any supporting evidence, the statement said that the New York Post article on then-candidate Joe Biden as well as his son Hunter, which was released just two weeks before the 2020 presidential election, “had every one of the traditional earmarks of being a Russian information effort.”

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