The FBI Created A ‘Orwellian Atmosphere That Silences Opposition And Dissent’: Whistleblower Torches Bureau During Testimony

Garret O’Boyle, an FBI whistleblower, testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on how the organization that he works for has created a chilling “Orwellian atmosphere.”

In his opening statement, the agent proclaimed that “Too many in the FBI aren’t willing to sacrifice the hard right over the easy wrong…They see what becomes of whistleblowers — how the FBI destroys their careers, suspends them under false pretenses, takes away their security clearances and pay with no true options for real recourse or remedy.” 

O’Boyle joins two other FBI whistleblowers who are testifying on Thursday before Representative Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) House Judiciary Committee who have been punished and suspended for voicing concerns about the weaponization of the FBI and the infiltration of politics into decision-making by the federal law enforcement organization. 

A reporter for the DC Examiner summarized the contents of the proceedings before the House of Representatives this way on social media, “FBI whistleblowers contend the FBI is using the Capitol riot to mislead about & artificially inflate the rise of domestic terrorism. This comes after DOJ, FBI, & DHS have all said a significant part of the rise in domestic terrorism cases is Jan. 6.” 

One Republican lawmaker, Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) explained that the weaponization of the FBI “is not a conspiracy theory- this is actually testimony that these brave whistleblowers have given us. That [this Orwellian policing] is not the America that I know…this is the thing that novels are written about. This is spy movies.” She called the investigation into the weaponization “criticial.” 

Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) commented about the treatment of one whistleblower, saying, “Decades of service to his nation yet branded as ‘disloyal’ by the FBI & Democrats for failing to push forward their politically driven investigations.” He added, “We must continue to uncover this egregious weaponization & politicization that has infested our federal agencies.”

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