‘This Was A Coup’ – Trump Reacts To Durham Report On The Dan Bongino Show

In an appearance by phone on ‘The Dan Bongino Show’ Tuesday, 45th President Donald J. Trump reacted to the news of the final Durham probe that broke earlier that day and described the coordinated efforts of the Obama administration and the FBI to implicate his campaign in Russian collusion as “a coup.”

After discussing the impact of the scandal on the 2016 presidential, 2018 midterms, and 2020 presidential elections, the two discussed the distillation of the years-long smear campaign as Trump being “framed by Hillary Clinton.” Bongino noted that it was only learned after Trump fired then-Director of the FBI James Comey, an act Trump described as “throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest.”

Bongino added the most stunning line revealed by Special Counsel Durham that Comey, former President Barack Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch never possessed “any actual evidence of collusion,” and all of them knew that in July 2016.

“This was a coup. And if I didn’t fire Comey, probably you wouldn’t have made it, I wouldn’t have made it. This great administration that did so much wouldn’t have made it. Because Comey…this was a whole coup. They were ready to go in.”

“It was a great firing,” Trump continued when asked by Bongino if he would ‘clean house’ at the FBI in a new administration. He asked, “Can we get a promise from you for a housecleaning?”

“We need everybody gone who cannot pledge allegiance to the Constitution and pledges allegiance to the Democrat party first,” Bongino said.

“Don’t forget, I did houseclean–I fired a lot of people,” Trump answered, “But the deep state goes deep.”

Later he added, “They were looking to do real bad–this, this was a coup that they were looking at. These are sick people. So, yeah. Only a fool would not do that. You have to do a deep–not only there. You have to do it in a lot of other locations.”

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