BOOM: GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants to shut down the FBI and IRS

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy dropped a bombshell on his twitter earlier today. He responded to a tweet by the DNC War Room, and said he can do it if elected president, referring to abolishing the FBI and IRS.

credit: VivekGRamaswamy twitter and DNCWarRoom twitter

Many Republicans in the party have called for the IRS to be abolished including senator Ted Cruz and senator Rand Paul. Abolishing the IRS has become a more and more popular idea among the GOP and presidential hopeful Vivek plans to do just that.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the first Republicans to mention potentially abolishing the FBI or at least reforming the FBI, like congressman Gaetz who believes we should just reform the FBI not abolish it. Vivek during this tweet seems to implicate he will shut down the FBI, which many Republicans have been calling completely political.

Do you agree with Vivek?

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