Gov. Newsom Infringes, then Threatens Temecula School Board

The state is trying to limit the authority and autonomy of school boards while pushing sexualized garbage on your kids 

Tuesday, the Temecula Valley Unified School District board again voted 3-2 to reject California’s elementary school social studies curriculum. Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced he is sending  textbooks “to ensure students in the district begin the school year with access to up-to-date books and materials that comply with state law.”

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And the governor threatened the board: “After we deliver the textbooks into the hands of students and their parents, the state will deliver the bill — along with a $1.5 million fine — to the school board for its decision to willfully violate the law, subvert the will of parents, and force children to use an out-of-print textbook from 17 years ago.”

The elementary school curriculum the Temecula board rejected includes lessons on Harvey Milk, who had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy who later committed suicide as an adult. The left has glamorized Milk as the first openly gay politician to be elected in the United States, but he was credibly revealed as a pedophile by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Randy Shilts in his 1982 book “The Mayor of Castro Street,” as Steve Aunan reported in June at the Globe. “Milk was murdered in 1978, but that had nothing to do with his gayness, and his gayness also has nothing to do with the current school curriculum kerfuffle. But you wouldn’t know that from the Censorship Industrial Complex, which has joined Newsom by punching down on Armenian and Muslim parents in addition to their usual Christian targets.”

“The three political activists on the school board have yet again proven they are more interested in breaking the law than doing their jobs of educating students — so the state will do their job for them,” said Governor Newsom.

Last week, Temecula School Trustee Jen Wiersma published an op ed with the Globe explaining her position and why the board made the curriculum decision:

“While evaluating our recent K-5 social studies pilot, my colleague and I noted the lack of parental and citizen involvement required by the Education Code section 51100, ‘Specifically, involving parents and guardians of pupils in the education process is fundamental to a healthy system of public education.’ We initially paused the decision to adopt the curriculum because the district bypassed the requirement to “promote the involvement of parents and the other members of the community in the selection of instructional materials.” Sec. 60002The curriculum committee was comprised of 47 teachers and zero parents.”

Gov. Newsom claims: “During the last academic year, the curriculum was piloted by nearly 1,300 families in Temecula classrooms and was recommended by teachers representing every elementary school in the district and overwhelmingly supported by parents and community members.”

Wiersma continued:

“Our primary focus was to seek a robust, collaboratively chosen history curriculum, rich in civics and geography. During this process we were given cause for concern upon discovery of Harvey Milk’s biography in the proposed supplemental material for 4th grade. We learned this controversial historical figure was an adult who engaged in an intimate, long-term sexual relationship with a minor. This was reported by Randy Shilts, an award-winning gay reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, who covered Harvey’s activism and political career. “

Wiersma said the Temecula school board “has both the right and responsibility to exercise authority and discretion when adopting materials that will be in circulation in the district for 7-10 years.”

“This is how every district in the state curates books. It is not ‘book banning’ as [Assemblyman Corey] Jackson’s bill lazily asserts. We are working diligently to provide the best educationally suitable materials for our community in our elementary school classrooms while adhering to Fair Act guidelines in the K-12 setting.”

Gov. Newsom posted on Twitter a “virtue-signaling outrage claiming that the state of California will overstep the school board and make those textbooks available to students,” J. Mitchell Sances reported at the Globe.

Newsom, who notes that he is the father of four and sends his kids to an exclusive private school in Sacramento, claimed in the Twitter video his concern is “access to information,” and “access to the latest social studies books that are being made available to hundreds of thousands of kids throughout the state of California, but are being denied to the kids of the Temecula District.”

As Sances notes, most of the Temecula Valley Unified School Board members were replaced in the election of November 2022. “Only one incumbent won re-election. The parents of Temecula Valley had their voices heard in that election. They trusted that these new board members would make the correct decisions when it comes to their children’s education.”

As the Globe has reported many times, the state K-12 curriculum has been so overtly sexualized  and now includes undisguised pornography, we cannot discuss the particulars on radio or television without violating FCC laws.

As the Globe reported July 5th, rather than acknowledging the pornographic K-12 textbooks are perverse, and that DEI and CRT is dangerous and divisive to children, state lawmakers are going after recently elected public school board members who ran on returning sanity and classical education to California’s public education system, including the Temecula School Board.

Assemblyman Corey Jackson (D-Perris) authored Assembly Bill 1078 ostensibly to make it harder to ban school textbooks in California – or at least that is how media is covering this bill. But in his own words, Assemblyman Jackson says “AB 1078 is a bill that intends to combat the national Christian white supremacist movement which aims to ban books, school curriculum, and even more in our schools.”

“This issue makes people uncomfortable, he continued. “A lot of it is due to the misunderstanding of the what people mean when they say ‘White Christian nationalist.’”

Assemblyman Jackson offered his definition in a recent committee hearing: “We are really talking about the radicalization of the Christian faith, to quite frankly, draw upon people’s angers, economic angst, people’s search for additional resources, and drawing upon people’s biases to really achieve, and use that anger, to achieve a political objective.”

Assemblyman Jackson is calling parents, teachers and school board members “Christian White Nationalists,” if they object to sexualized school curriculum, sexual school books, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion, as well as Critical Race Theory taught in their schools. But that is not all he is planning – Assemblyman Jackson’s bill will target locally elected school board members for not yielding to the state orders.

Gov. Newsom says, “Due to the board majority’s inaction, students in the district are forced to use a textbook published in 2006.”

Well, whose fault is that? Curriculum isn’t that difficult to keep updated… unless the goal is to secretly and covertly sexualize children, and normalize pornography while grooming 5-year olds with cartoon drawings of oral sex, masturbation, and how to use sex toys – all in library and school books in California’s K-12 schools.

The cat’s out of the bag and parents are done with this government sanctioned abuse of children. Gov. Newsom may seem genuinely passionate about the state’s curriculum, but remember, his kids attend private school and aren’t subjected to the sexualized garbage he’s pushing on your kids.

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