Investigative Issues: The Hollywood Strike Will Let Conservative Art Thrive

Conservative platforms like The Daily Wire, Blaze TV, Fox News, Angel Studios and various YouTube-based channels are cranking up their original programming efforts. That was underway long before the twin strikes shuttered Hollywood.

Now, they may be one of the only games in town.

“Gutfeld!” was at or near the top of the late-night heap before the writers strike. Now, it’s the only comedy showcase able to riff on the latest headlines. And, as a result, it’s consistently atop the ratings board.

Angel Studios began its film division earlier this year with “His Only Son,” a faith-based indie that quickly made back its original investment, and then some. The company’s second film, “Sound of Freedom,” is the summer’s sleeper smash.

That’s on top of its existing TV-style lineup, including hits like “Dry Bar Comedy” and “The Chosen.”

Blaze TV debuted its first original film, “Re-Opening,” just a few weeks ago. More comedic content is on the way, in addition to the new video podcast/sketch series “Normal World” starring Dave Landau and Quarter-Black Garrett.

The Daily Wire got the jump on the competition with films like “Run Hide Fight,” “Shut In” and “Terror on the Prairie.” It’s still full-steam ahead for Daily Wire originals, including a line of woke-free children’s programming as part of a $100 million venture.

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