MEP Slams Islamic Takeover of the European Capital: ‘We Must Denounce and Fight’ (Video)

The Adhan’s proclamation of dominance raises concerns about the growing Islamic primacy in Strasbourg, as warned by MEP Marie Dauchy.

MEP Marie Dauchy, a member of France’s National Rally party, recently published a video that unveiled an unsettling reality outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The clip portrayed the Islamic call to prayer, an undeniable indicator of growing Islamic primacy reverberating through the vicinity outside the parliamentary edifice. “LIVE from the European Parliament – We hear the call to Muslim prayer!” she ardently states on social media, “It’s not a bad dream; it’s a reality that we must denounce and fight. Pretentious, conquering, and political Islam has and will never have its place in Europe!”

The Islamic call to prayer, known as the Adhan, can often be interpreted as a proclamation of “dominance and control over a nation.” Its words, translated by the RAIR Foundation USA, exalt the supremacy of Allah and Islam:

“Allah is greater [than your God], (Allahu akbar), intoned four times. I testify that there is no god [who is worthy of worship] except Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Come to prayer. Come to prayer. Come to success. Come to success. Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest. There is no god except Allah.”

This presents a stark contrast to the history of Strasbourg, a city once a proud embodiment of post-WWII reconciliation and European core values.  With its deeply ingrained Christian heritage, Strasbourg has now been transformed into a cradle for two of Europe’s most colossal mosques – an unsettling testament to its ongoing Islamic metamorphosis.

According to Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal, “France, especially Strasbourg, is a prime target in the global Islamization strategy devised by various states and Islamic organizations.” Strasbourg, already a stronghold for political Islam, now houses the Great Mosque – financed by Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, countries notoriously linked to the propagation of radical Islam. It opened its doors in 2012, backed by regional governments, and claims a ‘European vocation.’

Recently, Strasbourg authorities sanctioned the expansion of another troubling mosque, bankrolled by Turkey and situated a mere two kilometers from the Great Mosque. Th Eyyub Sultan mega-mosque is the largest one in Europe, with 14 floors, two 44-meter high minarets, and 28 domes. Dubbed the ‘Great Turkish Mosque,’ it signals a ‘mosque diplomacy,’ as coined by Foreign Policy. With this move, the French authorities have facilitated the construction of two of the grandest mosques in Europe, thus magnifying the imprint of Islam on Strasbourg.

During a hard-hitting speech highlighted by RAIR Foundation USA in 2021, MEP Silvia Sardone ominously warned, “Muslims are asserting dominance over Europe’s capital. Here, the most perilous form of political Islam is gaining ground.” According to Sardone, Muslims now constitute over “15% of the population in Strasbourg.” Coupled with the fact that “10% of individuals listed for terrorism by police hail either from Strasbourg or the rest of Alsace,” this reveals the city’s growing nexus with Islamic terrorism.

Those who attend the mosque, which she considers “Erdogan’s party’s political laboratory,” will be taught an “Islamic curriculum that is enforced in Turkey,” explains Sardone.

In 2018, Erdogan urged Turks not to assimilate in Germany and called the assimilation of migrants in Europe “a crime against humanity.” He apparently wants his expats to be soldiers and to remain part of Turkey and the Ummah, the global Muslim community.

Impelled by France’s liberal migration policies, this crucial transformation is resulting in a significant demographic pivot, challenging Strasbourg’s historical persona. As a result, Strasbourg’s future, and by extension that of Europe, hangs in the balance, grappling with Islam’s aggressive takeover.

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