Michigan AG Charges Alternate Electors, Moves to Jail Trump Supporters for Life

Michigan’s left-wing lesbian Attorney General is trying to throw senior citizens in prison for supporting President Trump in 2020.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced she is charging 16 Trump supporters in Michigan for signing their names to a document that said Trump won the election. The document would have been Michigan’s electors if Congress voted to overturn the election. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has yet to comment on the indictment. The document was signed at the Michigan GOP headquarters. Ronna McDaniel’s home state is Michigan.

Dana Nessel charged American Patriots Kathy Berden, 70, William (Hank) Choate, 72, Amy Facchinello, 55, Clifford Frost, 75, Stanley Grot, 71, John Haggard, 82, Mary-Ann Henry, 65, Timothy King, 56, Michele Lundgren, 73, Meshawn Maddock, 55, James Renner, 76, Mayra Rodriguez, 64, Rose Rook, 81, Marian Sheridan, 69, Ken Thompson, 68 and Kent Vanderwood, 69 with two counts each of Forgery.

The crime is a felony and carries up to 14 years in prison.

She also charged them with one count each of Conspiracy to Commit Uttering and Publishing, as well as one count each of Uttering and Publishing, each of which carries another 14 years in prison.

Furthermore, she charged the list of Trump supporters with one count each of Conspiracy to Commit Election Law Forgery and two counts each of Election Law Forgery. Both of those charges carry 5 years in prison.

According to Nessel, those charged committed dangerous crimes, “meeting covertly in the basement of the Michigan Republican Party headquarters on December 14th, and signed their names to multiple certificates stating they were the ‘duly elected and qualified electors for President and Vice President of the United States of America for the State of Michigan.’”

“These false documents were then transmitted to the United States Senate and National Archives in a coordinated effort to award the state’s electoral votes to the candidate of their choosing, in place of the candidates actually elected by the people of Michigan,” Nessel claims.

No one died, no money was stolen; these Patriots simply signed their names on a piece of paper to support President Trump as alternate electors had the fraud-ridden results of Michigan’s 2020 Presidential Election been tossed.

Nessel announced the charges on the same day that President Trump announced that Biden DOJ prosecutor Jack Smith will be arresting him on J6-related charges.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, who is from Michigan, has yet to issue a statement of support for those charged. Many are calling on President Trump to pledge to arrest Nessel after his pending 2024 victory on charges of violating the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Original Article: https://nationalfile.com/michigan-ag-charges-alternate-electors-moves-to-jail-trump-supporters-for-life/