POLL: Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling on Student Loans Enjoys Majority Support

According to a Rasmussen poll, the majority of voters support the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that determined President Joe Biden’s student loan debt cancellation scheme was unconstitutional.

63% of likely United States voters approve of the court’s decision that reversed the Biden regime’s program to cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt, which includes 49% who strongly approve. 31% are against the Supreme Court student loan ruling, which includes 20% who strongly disapprove.

In the Biden v. Nebraska decision — where the court ruled against the Biden regime 6-3 — the court determined that Biden’s plan to erase $430 billion in student loan debt was outside of the bounds of his authority as outlined by the Constitution.

81% of Republican voters, 46% of Democrat voters, and 64% of independent voters at least somewhat support the Supreme Court’s decision.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Biden immediately proclaimed: “This fight is not over.” 

53% of voters believe the student loan debt issue will be important in the 2024 presidential election, which includes 20% who expect the student loan question to be very important. 41% of voters don’t believe student loan debt will be an important issue in the 2024 election, which includes 10% who believe it will not be at all important. 

As far as race is concerned, 63% of white voters, 50% of black voters, and 73% of other non-black minorities are at least somewhat in favor of the Supreme Court reversing Biden’s program.

89% of voters who self-identify as conservatives approve of the Supreme Court’s decision on student loan debt, in addition to 55% of moderates. 67% of voters disapprove of the court’s decision, which included 47% who strongly disapprove.

Voters who strongly disapprove of the Supreme Court’s decision are much more likely to expect the student loan debt issue to be important during the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Retirees and entrepreneurs are more likely to strongly support the Supreme Court’s student loan debt ruling than either government workers or workers in the private sector. 

The Supreme Court made the right call here. Having productive people subsidize bad behavior while also encouraging people to fulfill their debt obligations is just promoting all sorts of anti-social behavior on the economic front.

Moreover, there needs to be frank discussions about the US’s higher education system, which needs to be subject to more private competition, be purged of all leftists, and ultimately have university endowments taxed so that indebted students get adequately compensated for being scammed. 

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