Ron DeSantis Abandoned Florida J6ers

Ron DeSantis let Florida J6ers languish away in federal prison.

Following Ron DeSantis’ use of phony Democrat talking points to attack President Trump over January 6th, Laura Loomer reshared a video of Geri Perna saying that DeSantis has abandoned J6 defendants from his own state of Florida. Geri’s nephew Matthew Perna tragically committed suicide after Biden’s DOJ harassment of him. Perna was charged with nonviolent J6 trespassing offenses.

In the video shared on Twitter by Laura Loomer, Geri Perna described DeSantis’ abandonment of those arrested on January 6th, saying, “Ron DeSantis has nothing to do with any of the people from Florida, and there were more people from Florida than any other state arrested for January 6th, and he ignores every one of their calls. People are desperate.”

DeSantis’ failure to protect residents in his own state from Biden’s Deep State proves the point that Ron DeSantis is in no position to dismantle the Deep State because the Florida Governor is acting as the Deep State’s tool.

DeSantis spent his Tuesday using Democrat talking points to attack Trump over J6. DeSantis told CNN anchor and Clinton associate Jake Tapper, “I don’t think it serves us good to have a presidential election focused on what happened [on January 6]…I want to focus on looking forward. I don’t want to look back.”

When speaking on Trump’s looming arrest on J6-related charges, DeSantis told his rally attendees in South Carolina, “For example, um, I think it was shown how [Trump] was in the White House and didn’t do anything while things were going on. He should have come out more forcefully.”

Loomer also tweeted, “.@ronDeSantis has always wanted Donald Trump to be indicted over J6. I told people this when I ran for Congress in 2022, and many of them didn’t believe me. But DeSantis would often talk to his staff in Tallahassee about how he wanted Trump to go to jail over J6 so he could run for President. Who knows. Maybe there’s even audio of him saying it… He has a lot of disgruntled staff. ”

Team DeSantis understands Trump being jailed before the election means victory and a globalist takeover of the Republican Party. This appears to be why DeSantis hasn’t helped any J6 defendants and doesn’t plan to.

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