You knew Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter’s existence was going to be brought up during the presidential race. After all, it’s what the Democrats would do knowing they’d be praised in the media for doing so. I was expecting it more in the general and not yesterday in South Carolina, but it’s Joe Biden so f*ck him. If Biden is going to make coming after our kids part of his reelection campaign, I’m cool with Ron DeSantis going there.

“Joe, they’re not your kids. Second of all, before you’re saying they’re all of our kids, why don’t you spend some time with your granddaughter in Arkansas, or at least recognize her existence before you start worrying about our kids?”

What’s the deal with Joe Biden denying he has a granddaughter?

He actually has seven grandchildren. But the seventh is from his son Hunter Biden — yes, THAT Hunter Biden — knocking up his former assistant. There was a court case where Hunter, the president of the United States’ son, refused child support and refused to let his daughter be acknowledged as a Biden.

It has since been worked out in court where Hunter will pay child support, but the girl is still forbidden from using Joe Biden’s last name even though she is Hunter Biden’s kid.

Reports say the granddaughter, 6, loves playing with her cousins, is learning to ride a bike, and one day wants to learn to hunt like her mom. She also knows her father is Hunter Biden and her grandfather is the president of the United States and speaks about the two of them frequently.

She only gets to watch on alone TV while her dad and President PawPaw play with their other kids. Side note: Decency is on the ballot.

Isn’t dragging kids into it a bad thing?

Yes, but this isn’t about the granddaughter. It is about the kind of man Joe Biden is that, SPOILERS, is nothing like the family guy the media has been making him out to be for the past six decades.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, Democrats started it.

The Left and the media have been lashing out, calling parents — particularly mothers — concerned about their children angry tyrants and much worse. But since the lockdowns and the 2021 Virginia governor’s elections, and even in the suburbs in 2022, they become a powerful voting bloc. Hence the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) trying to attack, shame, and other them.

As a political nerd, I’m interested to see how a coalition of angry moms does electorally. I *think* this is the first time a “Mamas for [Candidate]” coalition has been tried on a national level.

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