‘Trans man’ curses out religious pharmacist for refusing to give her male hormones

Claims people of faith ‘always have the most f***ing hate in their hearts

Roscoe Rike, a woman identifying as a trans man, cussed out a pharmacy employee at an Oakland Walgreens store last week for refusing to dispense her cross-sex hormones. The pharmacist said it would violate his religious beliefs.

Rike then went on to condemn religious people as always having “the most [f—king] hate in their hearts.”

The Daily Mail reported Monday: “Currently transitioning from female to male, Rike says he has been a customer at the store for years – picking up his HRT [hormone replacement therapy] medication to move along his conversion. … That changed Monday when he was denied that medication by the pharmacist on staff, on the basis that giving him the pills would violate his religious beliefs.”

The shorter video below by “Judgy Emoji” below captures the exchange between Rike and the Walgreens employee, covering up her swear words.

Original Article: https://nworeport.me/trans-man-curses-out-religious-pharmacist-for-refusing-to-give-her-male-hormones/