Trump JR. Reveals Who Is Really Behind DeSantis

Donald Trump Jr. revealed to Breitbart News in an interview while attending the Turning Point Action Conference at Florida’s West Palm Beach, that the Never Trump billionaire donor group is mainly responsible for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign due to the fact that they prefer a president that they can “control.”

Don Jr. clarified that the gathering was an “America First” event, despite the DeSantis influencers calling it a “MAGA” event, when questioned why DeSantis didn’t attend the gathering that was occurring in his home state after being invited. Donald Trump Jr. also identified a trend.

“I reside here. The governor hasn’t visited my neighborhood, where I reside, for what seems like months. In Fort Lauderdale a few months ago, there was flooding. And he was on his ongoing book tour, which lasted for three months,” he claimed, adding, “I have had two best sellers, and never have I seen a book tour last for that long in my entire life.”

In response to the most recent report that the DeSantis campaign was firing employees owing to financial difficulties, Don Jr. stated that his small-donor income is “close to non-existent, which makes up 15% of his overall take.” Don Jr. said that Jeff Roe entities are the source of the majority of DeSantis’s Super PAC’s funding.

“I believe it to be a big joke. Social media influencers may add a lot of personality, similar to what they have done over the past two years by essentially campaigning against Trump. In a Republican primary, it is a fact that you will ultimately have to introduce that candidate. And let’s simply say, you know, after you get acquainted with Ron DeSantis, you get to dislike Ron DeSantis,” Don Jr. said, adding that he probably did far more for the governor of Florida than anybody else who wasn’t a paid campaign staffer.

The president’s eldest son alluded to Never Trump wealthy contributors when questioned why DeSantis, who for many was undoubtedly the successor apparent in 2028, would endanger that standing by challenging Trump now.

“I believe that’s sort of the rich donor Never Trump movement, right?” He referred to them as being “all in on the Ukraine war,” saying that “while they may claim to support America, if they are able to obtain a widget from China for a penny less, they will do so.”

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