Unvaccinated Transplant Patients Denied Treatment in Canada, Resulting in Death

The Covid vaccines have been proven to be deadly.  Getting vaccinated increases your risk of death. Genocide has been performed by our governments and yet they have not been brought to trial for their crimes and hung.  Instead they still promote the deadly vaccine.  They are not just promoting it to the brain dead public, they are denying care to the point of patients death, if the person choose not to be killed by a proven deadly “vaccination”.

When will this genocidal crime spree end?  Surely by now the vaccine pushers have no leg to stand on as the jig is up, we all know the vaccines are killers.  We have known and reported this since early 2020, and now years later many institutions are being forced to admit the carnage these vaccines are causing.

At the very least they should stop trying to push the vaccine and admit they are wrong.  But to still deny care due to lack of vaccination is insanely criminal.  (As is all of the Covid scamdemic genocidal plot).

No doctor in Ontario would stand up and save Garnet Harpers life because they are still promoting the lie of the covid vaccine.

This is criminal; every doctor in Ontario that refused to save this mans life, if it was in their capability to do so, and they were aware of the need,  should be fired, fined and jailed immediately.

The silence of the masses after the genocidal vaccines have already caused so much damage is deafening.

The blatant hypocrisy and lies these doctors are still standing behind is astounding.

These doctors are evil scum.

At this late stage in the genocidal vaccine roll out, to continue to deny anyone care resulting in their death, because they chose not to be murdered by a bioweapon injection, is a blatant criminal act aligned equally with the doctor putting a gun to someones head and murdering them in cold blood.

They should be ashamed and immediately give themselves up for trial and punishment.

Global Research  |  Dr. William Makis

May 22, 2023 – Sudbury, Ontario – Garnet Harper died after being denied a kidney transplant, leaving behind wife and five children. (click here)

Garnet was in need of a kidney transplant, which he was denied due to his vaccination status. Garnet’s referral to a transplant centre was denied, meaning he wasn’t even considered for a place on an organ donation list.

When he consented to begin dialysis, he was mistreated by the doctors and staff over masking rules, resulting in a botched surgery that landed him with a staph infection. After that, he was never the same. His health quickly deteriorated and he became septic, which in turn caused a serious heart problem, a collapsed lung, and temporary paralysis. He was told he was no longer a transplant candidate due to his poor health.

But Garnet was a fighter. Although 5 different doctors told him on different occasions that he should have died from one or more of those health complications, he overcame them all. He was clawing his way back to health. His lung was drained of fluid (4.5 Liters) and re-inflated to 80% capacity. He taught himself to walk again. He was gaining strength day by day. His kidney specialist was impressed by his progress, enough to prepare him for home dialysis.

Garnet was determined to find a way to get himself an organ, to get the treatment that he needed, and without participating in what he called “The Experiment.” He was fighting for his health, to pave the way for others who may not have been so strong.

Garnet never got to commence home dialysis. He died from a bleeding stroke in the middle of the night. Strokes are among the leading causes of death for people on long-term dialysis, as the treatment is very hard on your cardiovascular system.

Sheila Annette Lewis was denied access to an organ transplant by corrupt Alberta Health Services Executives and Judges in Alberta, Canada (click here).

In 2020, Sheila Lewis was placed on the waitlist for a donor organ, and in 2021, was informed that she had to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a new requirement.

Having had C19 herself twice, she asked her doctors repeatedly for a C19 antibody test, but they refused. Expecting she had antibodies to C19 and therefore not wanting to subject herself to an unnecessary vaccination , Sheila declined to take the C19 vaccinations and her doctors proceeded to move her to ‘inactive’ status.

She then arranged privately to have C19 antibody testing and was found to have “extremely high” levels of antibodies to C19- higher than many people vaccinated against it. Her doctors, however, continue to refuse to provide Sheila the transplant she needed, still insisting she must be vaccinated.

Notably, the Alberta Transplant Program recently dispensed with C19 vaccination as a requirement for kidney transplantation, and in court, a judge has acknowledged that previous infection with chicken pox, exempts transplant patients from requiring varicella vaccination.

Sheila’s case is subject to a court-imposed gag order which is intended to protect her doctors from reprisal for their decision to deny her a transplant.

July 2022 – Alberta Court of King’s Bench Judge Paul Belzil ruled that state sanctioned murder of the unvaccinated is now legal in Canada, and is fully supported by the Courts.

Alberta Justice Paul Belzil (Court of King’s Bench), lawyer Daniel Morrow who represented corrupt AHS doctors, and AHS lawyer Mark Jackson who represented AHS Executives who authorized the attempted murder of Sheila Lewis:

Nov. 2022 – Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the lower Court’s Decision – Justice Frederica Schutz (Harper appointee Jul. 2015), Justice Michelle Crighton (Trudeau appointee Oct. 2016), Justice Dawn Pentelechuk (Trudeau appointee Nov. 2018) (Court Decision here).

USA Hospital agreed to perform the transplant at a cost: (click here).

Lewis has challenged the vaccine policies of AHS (Alberta Health Services) and her transplant doctors, claiming that they violate her rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled against her, stating that the Charter does not cover the specific Covid-19 vaccine policies. Her claims under The Alberta Bill of Rights were also dismissed. Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear her case, exhausting all her legal options.

According to a GiveSendGo fundraiser, a U.S. hospital has agreed to perform the transplant surgery, but it comes with a significant cost. The fundraiser says Ms. Lewis needs $100,000 for testing before being placed on the donor list, and the surgery itself is estimated to cost an additional $500,000 USD.

After a recent interview on Viva Frei’s Podcast, Alberta Health Services has agreed to a financial settlement with Sheila Lewis, but it may be too late for her to get the transplant:

My Take

There is an extremist far left activist lawyer in Alberta, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, Lorian Hardcastle, with whom I’ve had many conversations.

I will let her own words show you just how extreme and violent she is.

This is her take on what happened with the Sheila Lewis case: (source)

Here are her key statements from her published article:

  • “Court seemed to be VERY persuaded by the EFFICACY OF VACCINATIONS”
  • Sheila Lewis “seemed to be persuaded by the misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccines.”
  • “And the Court didn’t seem to have a lot of patience for some of that misinformation and that may signal an approach that the Courts take in other kinds of cases where people DON’T WANT TO BE VACCINATED, such as the employment context.”
  • “they are not just going to ENTERTAIN these kinds of arguments at all”.


These 4 Alberta Judges (Belzil, Schutz, Crighton, Pentelechuk) and 2 lawyers (Daniel Morrow – Bennett Jones, Mark Jackson – Field Law LLP), have made murder of the unvaccinated legal in Alberta, as of November 2022.

And far left extremist University of Calgary lawyer Lorian Hardcastle is telling us that they will be coming for thousands more Albertans in the future.

You see, these corrupt extremist Judges and lawyers are VERY PERSUADED by the EFFICACY of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and they will literally sentence you to death if you don’t WANT to get vaccinated, because you are MISINFORMED and they’re out of PATIENCE.

I know my history and I know what happens when evil people in positions of power start to talk in these terms.

P.S.: In regards to Trudeau appointee Justice Pentelechuk, who sentenced Alberta transplant patient Sheila Lewis to die, Justice Pentelechuk has recently committed fraud in Court in my case, and has involved herself in a criminal conspiracy with Alberta Health Services Executives Verna Yiu, Francois Belanger and their AHS Lawyer Mark Jackson to threaten me and commit extortion against me and my family, to get me to drop my lawsuit, leave Alberta and sign non-disclosure agreements.

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