While mocking rampant crime in progressive cities is fun for content, expect it to be an important and major campaign issue in 2024. I think it’s why Ron DeSantis went to San Francisco. The ads write themselves. You show videos of ice cream and frozen pizzas needing to be locked up. Then say: “This is what Democrats want to export to where you LIVE.”

The latest in-kind contribution to GOP presidential ambitions comes to us from — you guessed it — San Francisco. Where Walgreens has to lock up its frozen food aisle to prevent people from stealing pints of ice cream and frozen munchies.

If you want to know why there is a consumed vigilante patrolling the streets of the Bay Area, there you go.

What did Ron DeSantis say about San Francisco?

DeSantis released a web video about how San Francisco and the progressives who run it have “embraced leftist policies that have destroyed the quality of life of their citizens.”

For reference, the internet is chock full of videos of schoolchildren needing to wade past a sea of homeless drug addicts to get to school, streets that boast the lovely smell of crack a poop, and men who mentor teens on the finer arts of doing fentanyl. In that last case, a guy moved to San Fran from Texas because he couldn’t afford to be homeless in Texas.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed clapped back at DeSantis’ criticism, saying the city needs solutions and not complaints. She pointed to progressive heroes like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who are speaking out on *checks notes* climate change and AI.

Note: They aren’t speaking out anywhere near where the city is falling apart.

San Francisco has to lock up Ice Cream and Pizza?

Not just that. Low-value items like toothpaste and tissues as well. The Daily Mail reports thieves come into the stores as much as twenty times a day to fill bags full of products they have no intention of ever paying for. And why would they? San Francisco’s progressive “equity” policies have made stealing all but legal under $1000.

The pictures of chained-up merchandise marks a new low point, with stores risking alienating legitimate loyal customers who can no longer be bothered to go through the rigmarole of having to summon staff simply to grab something off the shelf.

Excellent use of “rigmarole.”

We’ve seen in on Election Days in the past two years. When people living in the suburbs go to vote — and there aren’t distractions that take the focus off of Joe Biden Democrats’ failed policies — they vote for conservatives. In 2021 and 2022 it was two things: school indoctrination, and rampant crime.

People outside of the cities see what is happening inside the cities, see who on their local ballot supports the policies causing it, and are voting for the other person. Conservatives and our candidates — president on down — need to focus on being the other person.

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