Asian Americans Feel Left Behind by Joe Biden and Far-Left Democrats

An increasing number of Asian Americans are searching for better government and finding it in Republicans

As a first-generation Korean American, I understand why a growing number of Asian Americans feel left behind by Joe Biden and far-left Democrats.

For years Democrats have treated our community as a monolith. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and the fact that this needs to be said explains why Asian Americans are increasingly voting Republican. The values of far-left Democrats simply do not resonate.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing demographic in America, and we are as diverse as our great country. We face the same struggles and fears as most Americans – skyrocketing costs, safety for our children and families, educational opportunity, the ever-growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party, and an out-of-control border.

Rather than working with Asian American communities, Democrats ignore those concerns and shamelessly push for high taxes, affirmative action that hinders and discriminates against students, and an out-of-control border. Their agenda makes it nearly impossible to achieve the American Dream.

That’s why an increasing number of Asian Americans are searching for better government and finding it in Republicans.

Two years ago, the Republican National Committee (RNC) opened its first-ever Asian Pacific American community center in Little Saigon to demonstrate its investment in the community, listen to voters, and earn their trust.

This weekend, Republicans in Southern California renewed their long-term commitment to deepening their relationship with the Asian American community. The RNC brought together local, state, and national leaders to celebrate the grand opening of their Asian Pacific American Community Center in Little Saigon.

Similar to the inaugural center, this one will be a launching pad of opportunity, a gathering place for neighbors, and the epicenter for Republican victory in 2024. It will promote what Republicans can do to address the concerns of Asian Americans and serve as a reminder that the Republican Party is the party for all Americans.

During the 2022 midterm cycle, under the leadership of RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the RNC fostered relationships with Asian Americans through Asian Pacific American community centers in California, Georgia, Texas, and Nevada. I personally campaigned out of the community center in Westminster.

These grassroots centers have become the epicenter for building relationships and taking a message of lower taxes, supporting law and order, expanding educational opportunity, and making life more affordable for hardworking families.

The RNC continues to invest millions of dollars across the country to open community centers just like this one to ensure members of Asian American communities know about GOP policies that support their priorities.

The RNC’s goal is to open 40 community centers in battleground states, supporting key House districts. Republicans will continue to win over new voters by taking our message of freedom and opportunity to doorsteps and proving that we aren’t only here for election years. The RNC serves as a beacon of hope in states such as California.

House Republicans are getting the job done: fighting for lower taxes, standing up to the Chinese Communist Party, and holding President Biden and far-left Democrats accountable for reckless spending. We’re not afraid to say smash-and-grab robberies will not be tolerated and we’re proud to support our law enforcement.

Far-left Democrats have taken too many Americans for granted. It’s no wonder Asian Americans are losing trust in Democrats.

Winning elections is about the trust voters place in an individual. I’m proud to have earned the trust of Southern Californians. They have known me for years, and know I listen, keep my word, and will fight for the issues they care about.

Radical Democrats in Washington and California have repeatedly violated that trust, particularly when it comes to the Asian American community.

Through this community center, Republicans will pick up where Democrats have faltered and continue building a bond with the Asian American community that will last for years to come.

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