Black poverty skyrockets under Joe Biden

(PJ MEDIA) – It’s no secret that black Americans are struggling to recover under Biden. Despite Democrats repeatedly claiming to be the party of minorities, there’s a pattern emerging. Under Barack Obama, the painfully slow recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008 curiously left black Americans behind. The Trump economy, however, saw significant gains for everyone, including black Americans. Democrats will bemoan what they claim is structural racism and pretend like white supremacy is the biggest problem facing the nation, but in the end, it’s Democrats and their policies that are keeping black Americans down.

Now, when it comes to shameless pandering to the black community, Joe Biden is your guy. He’ll boast about picking a black female running mate, or a black female Supreme Court nominee, but when it comes to actually helping black people in America — you know, what really counts — he falls flat.

In fact, black poverty, which reached historic lows under Donald Trump, is rising on Biden’s watch. Under Trump, before the pandemic hit, black poverty reached 16.13% — the lowest-ever on record. Today, despite the pandemic being over and Panderer-in-Chief Joe Biden being in office for two and a half years, the black poverty rate has yet to return to those historic lows. In fact, they’ve gone up.

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