Californians Live in Fear of Government

It’s not just us – most Blue State citizens are subjected to government terrorism

Homeless drug addict sprawled on ground near park running path. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Across the state, Californians are witnessing the total breakdown of society – primarily, and noticeably confined to larger cities. Scenes of drug addled homeless vagrants living in tents along city sidewalks play out daily. Public sex acts and open drug deals have become ho hum – “avert your eyes, kids.” Smash and grab thefts are becoming routine news reports. Daily news reports of “sex trafficking” fail to elicit anger – “that’s just awful,” people say. And then they scroll to the next article.

The one area of concern many people quietly acknowledge in whispered tones is the new-normal of living in fear of the government.

From the White House to the State House, and to City Hall, people in California and other blue states are fearful because of politicians and leftists who won’t let them defend themselves, their children, their homes, businesses, churches and schools.

Californians are afraid of the government – afraid they will get locked up for life for defending their family, home or business. They are afraid of resisting a drug crazed vagrant harassing them in the grocery store parking lot… or chasing them away from their business or storefront… or pushing back if their children are with them when a zombie-like homeless dude yelling at unseen demons crosses their path.

Last week I was on a 4-mile hike around my neighborhood and regional park, sans big dog as he is recovering from a sprain. I’ve altered my route into the neighborhood because I encounter so many crazed, drug-frenzied, violent homeless people, and because several have attacked women who run alone in the park. So I am hoofing it on the main boulevard in the neighborhood. A school is to my left, traffic to my right. And coming straight at me is a large, shirtless, homeless male transient carrying a tree branch across his shoulders. He had meth-mouth. He was arguing loudly with unseen demons, flailing his arms and the branch. I have nowhere to go but to turn tail and run if he charges me – the traffic is too steady to run into the street and the school’s tall fence prevented me from seeking relief in the nearby field. He gets closer and I veer toward the street hoping as I go around him that he doesn’t attack.

And that is a daily occurrence in Sacramento, CA. I would have preferred to have been armed for my own safety. But in the City of Sacramento, such a confrontation would not end well – for me. Mr. Meth Mouth would have been given a courtesy ride to the nearest shelter for a free meal and some clean clothes.

Californians are afraid for their own health and welfare, but more afraid of the unequal consequences they will undoubtedly suffer if they dare to protect themselves against the homeless meth-heads, crackheads, and heroin addicts, to the roving bands of thieves and opportunistic criminals, as well as the violent offenders encountered daily now that Gov. Gavin Newsom has let tens of thousands out of prison onto the streets.

The people who do not pay taxes, and do not follow societal rules are being allowed to roam free, unfettered by police in far too many cases, while those who do pay taxes and follow the rules are held to account should they encounter violence and defend themselves.

People in my neighborhood won’t even sleep with downstairs windows open for fear of a brazen nighttime break-in.

The broken windows theory is being lived out in California – when police stop policing, crime gets worse. And then criminals get emboldened, as we are witnessing in Los Angeles where thieves are getting fearless and smash and grab crimes and retail theft is only getting bigger.

Politicians and government officials want responsible tax paying citizens to follow the rules, so we take our shoes off and stand in line for TSA, obey traffic rules, and separate our recyclables, but we see government failing to police an entire segment of society for retail theft, sex crimes, drug crimes, vagrancy, illegal public camping, loitering, and yes, assault.

July 27th, “a brave armed citizen ‘calmly’ shot an armed robber multiple times for trying to rob a gas station called Stone Lake Marathon,” Gateway Pundit reported. The customer who shot the robber has a valid concealed-carry permit. “One would think this armed, vigilant citizen would be receiving a medal for his actions. Instead, he faces possible jail time. Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz claims he is waiting for police to finish the investigation making a decision whether or not to file criminal charges against the customer.

”This is just one in several recent robberies where citizens and store owners fought back against cocky criminals, but were threatened by the government, even knowing that the criminals may receive leniency from political DAs, or walk in some cases.

Nearly everyone in America has seen the footage of the two 7-Eleven employees in Stockton beat a man about his butt and legs for unabashedly emptying shelves of cigarettes and stealing other products July 29th, after stealing food items the day before. However, the beating came after he threatened to shoot the people in the store.

Following the beatdown of the thief, the two employees were investigated by Stockton Police for assault. Only after national public outrage did the San Joaquin District Attorney Ron Freitas announce “Any Investigation going forward is to hold accountable the individual who threatened & attempted to rob them,” KCRA reported.

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