‘F***ed up NOSE’: Ashley Biden reveals her cocaine addiction and other secrets

First of two parts
Warning: Some offensive subject matter

Ashley Biden, the only child of Joe and Jill Biden’s marriage, was a cocaine addict who struggled to overcome her drug habit throughout 2019 in the run-up to her father’s presidential bid, she writes in her diary, now confirmed as authentic.

In the 112-page handwritten diary, Biden describes over and over again how she yearned to get “sober” from cocaine, only to have a relapse and start “using” again. She was being treated at the Caron Oceanside luxury rehab facility in Delray Beach, Florida, which caters to affluent clientele, and attended Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings at a local addiction-help center in the same town south of Palm Beach.

In the diary, the then-37-year-old Jill Biden reveals:

  • how she feared getting a “red, crusted, and f****d up NOSE” (emphasis hers), apparently from her habit of snorting cocaine. For users, this is known as “cocaine nose” (chronic cocaine usage resulting in “sores in the nasal lining and septum that can lead to perforations of the septum, infection, loss of supporting cartilage, scarring and eventual collapse of the nose”);
  • how she had “mind-blowing sex” with “Keith,” a married man and fellow addict in recovery she met in Florida during her time there (Ashley Biden, too, was married);
  • how her sex drive was “f***ing out of control,” so much so that she writes: “Like literally, I am in heat”;
  • how, after receiving a disappointing text from the same adulterous lover, Keith, she had another drug relapse, writing, “I broke down and numbed my feelings in cocaine”;
  • how Ashley bemoans being “single and childless at age 37,” even though she was then married to Dr. Howard Krein, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon, whom she wed in 2012;
  • that she was in treatment for “sexual trauma and loss,” which contributed to her addiction “disease”;
  • how, in searching for answers to her problems, Ashley writes that her mother (Jill Biden) is (or was) “not emotionally available”;
  • how she was “hyper-sexualized at a young age,” and wonders why;
  • how “mom and dad” (Jill and Joe Biden) were worried and disappointed by her drug-fueled misbehavior, yet were “incredibly supportive” of her recovery efforts;
  • how, in a “Pros vs. Cons” list for moving to Florida, the recovering addict listed as a “con,” “Know how to easily access drugs”;
  • how Ashley had struggled with ongoing, start-and-stop efforts to be free of her cocaine habit for so long that she writes, at the end of her diary (mid-September 2019), “It’s been a long while since I have been sober for 14 days.”

This article, the first of two parts, focuses on Ashley Biden’s struggles with cocaine addiction. Part Two will focus on her deeply troubling sexual and family revelations, including her recorded belief that she was likely sexually molested as a child. In the most famous personal memory lifted from the diary (page 25), Ashley writes, “I remember having sex with friends [at] a young age; showers [with] my dad (probably not appropriate); being turned on when I wasn’t [supposed] to be.”

“Was I molested?” she asks herself on page 25 (Jan. 30, 2019), and then answers: “I think so. I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma….”

Diary proven authentic

Page from a .pdf copy of Ashley Biden’s diary. In this Jan. 30, 2019 entry, she recalls being “hyper-sexualized [at] a young age,” and asks herself: “Was I molested?” and answers, “I think so.” She goes on to write that she remembers “trauma” and “having sex with friends at a young age” and “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)” (Screenshot/Scribd)

The diary was back in the news recently after Project Veritas, the conservative undercover journalist group, announced that Ashley had herself confirmed that it was hers. PV released a video July 31 containing a recorded Sept. 3, 2020 phone call between Ashley Biden and one of its staffers in which she says, “I am Ashley Biden. It is my stuff,” and asks for it to be returned.

A bit more than a month after that call was made, on Nov. 6, 2021, the FBI raided the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe (who has since left the organization) in another of the heavy-handed FBI raids used by the Biden DOJ against prominent conservatives. The FBI seized O’Keefe’s cell phones and other items in what he and others condemned as a clear First Amendment violation. PV claims it received the material legally.

According to the DOJ, the first daughter’s diary was acquired by two Floridians, Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander, who discovered it and other personal items left behind in a house rented by Ashley Biden, possibly following her time at Caron. The couple allegedly sold the diary and other material to Project Veritas for $40,000.

In August 2022, Harris and Kurlander each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property, which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Ashley Biden did have a reputation for reckless partying while her father was vice president: A March 30, 2009 New York Post headline reads, “Ashley Biden’s past is full of weed and wild parties.” The opening paragraph reads, “A decade before a friend came forward trying to sell a video that he claimed showed her snorting cocaine, Vice President Joseph Biden’s daughter was busted for pot possession.”

New York Post 2009 cover recalls now-first daughter Ashley Biden’s days as a “party girl.” Her 2019 diary, recently confirmed as authentic, reveals her repeated failed and restarted attempts to overcome her cocaine addiction (Screenshot/Vanity Fair)

Regarding the attempted sale of the video, the Post reported two days earlier that “A ‘friend’ of … Ashley….is attempting to hawk a videotape that he claims shows her snorting cocaine at a house party this month in Delaware.”

The Post continues: “The video, which the shooter initially hoped to sell for $2 million before scaling back his price to $400,000, shows a 20-something woman with light skin and long brown hair taking a red straw from her mouth, bending over a desk, inserting the straw into her nostril and snorting lines of white power. … The woman appears to resemble Ashley Biden, 27, a social worker for a Delaware child-welfare agency and a visible presence during her father’s campaign for the White House.”

It reports that Ashley’s father, Joe Biden, “has been an outspoken crusader against drugs,” advocating for an enhanced “war on drugs.” The Post presumably did not offer money for the video.

O’Keefe never published diary

Curiously, when O’Keefe was still running Project Veritas, which he founded, he chose not to publish the contents of the (then-alleged) Ashley Biden diary, saying that PV could not verify its authenticity. The document was later leaked, however, and is currently available online on Scribd and other sites.

Despite the phone call from Ashley Biden herself confirming the diary was hers, the left-biased “fact-checking” website Snopes still classifies the Ashley Biden diary story as “Unproven,” under the headline, “Did Ashley Biden Accuse Joe Biden of Inappropriate Behavior in a ‘Leaked Diary’?”

Biden kids leave stuff behind

Ashley is the second Biden child to leave behind valuable personal belongings. Her half-brother Hunter Biden infamously left his laptop at a New Jersey computer repair shop, never returning to pick it up. Dubbed the “Laptop from Hell” by the New York Post and other media, it contains self-recorded evidence of Hunter’s crack cocaine habit as well as lewd, graphic, self-recorded videos of his drug use and sexual exploits with prostitutes and other women.

But while Hunter’s laptop has received immense attention from conservative media (while being mostly ignored by establishment, liberal-leaning media), Ashley Biden’s diary has received very little serious media attention despite its revelations, some of which shed light on her father, the president of the United States.

Excerpts from Ashley Biden’s diary

Following are verbatim excerpts from Ashley Biden’s diary, through which Ashley chronicled her attempt to “sort out my life,” running from Jan. 25, 2019 to Sept. 16, 2019. These quotations focus mainly on her cocaine and sobriety (abstinence) issues. Each passage has the date her words were entered in the diary:

1/25/19: “I am also trying to sort out my life…I would like to remain sober – although getting high [ostensibly: using marijuana] – like an Aspergers kid.” [likely a reference to the use of cannabis in treating Asperger’s and autism-like symptoms]

Life goals include sobriety and no more ‘relationship limbo’:

1/26/19: “I want to imagine a different, or rather more fulfilled life for myself. It definitely involves sobriety + making some hard … decisions in the next four months

“In the same entry, Ashley lays out her life goals for “a year from now” (i.e., end of January 2020). Among them are:

“1. Been sober from c [presumably cocaine] + hard [presumably hard drugs] for a year! …
“4. Super-solid single – or beginning to date/find romance [Biden was married to Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Krein at the time]
“5. Not in relationship limbo
“6. Eggs frozen/harvested/pregnant.
“7. [F***ing] non-smoker” [this reporter interprets this as Ashley saying she wants to have quit smoking cigarettes, and possibly weed, by the next year]

Alcoholics Anonymous:

1/27/19: “I am going to do 90 in 90” [an Alcoholics Anonymous program in which AA newcomers attend an AA meeting for 90 days in a row “to help sustain early recovery,” according to one recovery website]. “Will make the 7 a.m. meeting tomorrow at crossroads [likely referring to the Crossroads Club in Delray Beach, Fl., a recovery facility that holds AA and Narcotics Anonymous meetings] and have a full day of therapy and focus.

“[1/27/19]: …”I want sobriety at all costs – I am willing to go to any lengths to get it.”

Letter to lover, Kevin, numbs hurt with coke binge:

1/28/19 letter to on-and-off Florida lover Kevin: After texting Kevin on Jan. 8 or 9, 2019, about getting together the weekend of Jan. 12, and Kevin responding that he is “conflicted + didn’t think it was best,” Ashley writes: “I broke down + numbed my feelings in cocaine.

“Then Kevin sends Ashley a text on “Tuesday the 22nd” [of January 2019], saying: “You haven’t left my mind – I relapsed” … “I am ok + going to Caron” [rehab and treatment center, in Delray Beach]

Half-brothers no longer in her life:

1/27/19: “I think what keeps coming up for me is my [half-] brothers. How I don’t have them in my life anymore. I’m looking forward to starting my clinical week. Really diving into therapy and working on the parts of me that need love, support, and tenderness…. It involved me engaging actively in the program – with my sponsor. [This could be referring to the Caron program in Delray Beach.] Going to meetings, following the advice of clinical staff, praying, meditation… I have to be abstinent [from drug use?]. I can’t, don’t want to, fight this anymore…”

‘Comfortability’ of husband Howard:

“It involves true letting go – surrender. Emotionally + spiritually on my knees. It involves doing the work + doing it well. I think my age plays into all of this – 37 + about to turn 38 without children, husband, a clear path forward [again, Biden has been married to Dr. Howard Krein since 2012] … Not ready or wanting to let go of the comfortability of Howard [Krein] … Do I cut off [from Howard] entirely + not talking – in my mind make it ‘over.’ What is the healthy way to be?”

‘Marriage over’:

2/20/19: “My marriage [to Dr. Howard Krein] is over and it breaks my heart in two, there are no feelings of ‘I need to be with him.'”

Leaving Delaware to gain sobriety:

2/25/19: “I am finished with my work here in Delaware – I do know this place is no longer safe [for] me or my sobriety. People, places and things – all of which I am here again with and [none] of which keeps me sober.

Single and 37:

3/1/19: “Trying to find my footing on my own this time. Who thought I would be single and childless at age 37 – maybe I did?

“3/1/19: “Day one for me [at a drug treatment facility?]: It just makes sense for my life, mood, energy, and future. There is no rhyme or reason. Well there is a reason and those reasons are greater than my desire to use.

Boredom and drug use:

“Boredom is deadly for me. It is the main reason for use – But not going to give in this time around.”

Sobriety and freedom:

“Sobriety is the last link to true freedom. It’s the last chance I have at making my dreams come true and I can’t do anything to jeopardize it.”

‘Tolerance’ for parents’ feelings:

2/6/19: “I have a call with mom and dad this evening at 8 pm. I have to practice patience and tolerance for their feelings and all that is said.”

‘Addiction tears lives apart’:

3/9/19: “Addiction tears lives apart. Keeps people in a cycle of nothingness, anxiety, and worry. I’m committed to this new way of life. Via my actions. …I feel ‘ok’ with being alone and doing things on my own.

Father’s presidential announcement / her move to Delray Beach:

3/12/19: “So…we are running. Announcement will be in April or early May. It is all super anxiety producing but I just have to take it one day at a time and relax. I know the move to Del Ray [sic; Delray Beach] will be good for me to get away and really focus on my recovery.”

Closer to Eric?

3/12/19 [after she begins romantic attachment to a new man, Eric: “Literally, I’m nervous that I’ll get closer to Eric and then will have to detach from him as we move further into 20/20 [sic; reference to 2020 election campaign]”

Another cocaine relapse:

3/16/19: “I relapsed. F***ing again. Insanity is the definition. Always hoping it will be different and it never is.”

[After relapse:]…”Mom and dad worried but incredibly supportive. I am so lucky to have them on my side. They’ve never given up on me.”

Addiction recovery strategy: be vain: ‘negatively impacts my looks’:

3/17/19: “…my ability to forget despite negative consequences is what you call addiction…Trying to take the vain approach – that it negatively impacts my looks, hair, face, body, and overall health, how quickly I forget though and think it would be a good idea when the consequences cause me so much pain.”

Moves in to Delray Beach, uses again:

4/2/19: “Moved in and now living in Del Ray [sic]. Wasn’t the best of nights. I used.”

Another attempt at abstinence:

4/8/19: “It’s been 4 days without one and 3 days without the other [referring to smoking cigarettes and snorting cocaine?]. I am starting to come back to life.”

More to come in Part Two.

Original Article: https://www.wnd.com/2023/08/fed-nose-ashley-biden-reveals-cocaine-addiction-secrets/