Insiders Spill The Beans On Joe & Hunter’s Granddaughter Agreement

President Joe Biden allegedly only mentioned his seventh grandchild after getting the go-ahead from Hunter Biden.

This week, Biden made Navy Roberts’ status as his granddaughter official in front of the public. Despite being the fourth child belonging to Hunter Biden as well as his sixth biological granddaughter, she was born in 2018 although Biden has long denied knowing about her.

However, once the first son granted his father the “green light,” things changed, according to NBC News.

“President Biden recently came to the conclusion that his silence was actually no longer acceptable and that it was now time to publicly acknowledge his 4-year-old granddaughter who was embroiled in a contentious child support dispute involving his son Hunter Biden, according to persons familiar with the situation.”

“One source stated that the he sought to obtain his son’s OK, which he did last week, before proceeding.”

In addition to the fact that Biden now recognizes Navy as his biological granddaughter and that she exists, the president is now eager to meet her.

NBC News, which consulted people close to the situation, reported that Biden wanted to see Navy to “dispel the idea that he had ignored a vulnerable child in the Joe Biden family tree that lies at the root of his political image.”

Additionally, the piece made reference to the political advantages of accepting Navy on many occasions, stating that doing so “serves to soften a GOP point of attack.”

Republicans were not the only ones to criticize Biden, though. In a story published last month in the New York Times, writer Maureen Dowd openly mocked Biden for disregarding Navy. Her harsh critique “weighed on” Biden, sources informed NBC News.

It is not yet clear when or where the president is going to meet his granddaughter. The White House is keeping quiet about the situation and ignoring inquiries, claiming that it is a “private, family matter.”

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