Legal Action Filed Against CIA for Alleged Collaboration with Biden Campaign on ‘Dirty 51’ Intel Letter Linking Hunter’s Laptop to Disinformation

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is facing a lawsuit over its alleged involvement in creating a letter signed by 51 intelligence officials during the 2020 presidential election. The letter aimed to discredit Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation, claiming it exhibited characteristics of a Russian information operation.

A Republican report unveiled the CIA’s active role in gathering signatures for the letter, suggesting it was a political maneuver to support Joe Biden’s election campaign. Judicial Watch initiated a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after being denied access to documents related to the letter’s formation. The GOP report implicates a CIA employee in soliciting signatures for the statement, indicating collusion between former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell, Acting CIA Director, and the Biden campaign to expedite the letter’s approval.

Former CIA analyst David Cariens revealed that a CIA employee affiliated with the Prepublication Classification Review Board approached him to sign the statement. The CIA employee reportedly asked Cariens, who agreed to sign. Despite requests, the CIA has yet to provide additional material related to the case. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper contributed editorial advice to enhance the letter’s wording, suggesting a stronger assertion of a Russian information operation. Clapper’s input was accepted and incorporated into the final version of the letter.

Mike Morell testified that his interest in coordinating the letter was triggered by an October 17 call with Antony Blinken, a Biden campaign adviser. Blinken, currently the Secretary of State, denies responsibility for the letter, emphasizing his non-involvement in politics.

During a debate, Joe Biden referenced the letter to discredit Hunter Biden’s laptop as a “Russian disinformation campaign.” However, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe clarified that the laptop was not part of such a campaign. The Republican report also exposed the CIA’s collaboration with the Biden campaign to circulate the letter and secure media coverage. The CIA’s role in crafting and promoting the letter raises questions about potential political interference within the intelligence community.

In summary, the CIA’s alleged contribution to a letter discrediting Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation sparked a lawsuit and sparked debates about the agency’s involvement in political matters. The report highlights collusion between intelligence officials and political campaigns, shedding light on potential breaches of neutrality within the intelligence community.

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