Loomer Exposes DeSantis for Breaking Florida Law

Rong DeSantis is using his official presidential campaign account to distribute videos of himself doing his duties as Governor of Florida…Which is against the law.

Loomer exposed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used his official presidential campaign account on X, @TeamDeSantis, to blast out videos of him doing his official governor’s duty in preparation for Hurricane Idalia. This practice is illegal.

Loomer shared a @TeamDeSantis post that featured a video of Governor DeSantis giving an official Florida government update on Idalia. Loomer captioned the video, writing, “This is illegal. Here we have @GovRonDeSantis’ s official Presidential campaign account @TeamDeSantis using footage of him doing his official duties as Governor of Florida for the sake of campaigning for President.”

Loomer’s post continued valid criticism of the DeSantis for president campaign for using a disaster in an attempt to score political points, “DeSantis’s campaign is using Hurricane Idalia for the sake of promoting his Presidential campaign. Gross. Also illegal to mix campaign activities with official taxpayer funded business.”

The @TeamDeSantis account continued posting videos of Governor DeSantis performing his official duties as the hurricane came ashore.

Notably missing from the @TeamDeSanits account is footage of Governor DeSantis attempting to fix Florida’s insurance crisis. Loomer has been leading the charge, exposing Governor DeSanits’ disastrous insurance policies that has led to a massive amount of Florida residents being unable to afford insurance on their properties.

Many find it disgusting that Governor DeSanits is attempting to sell to the American people that he is prepared to deal with the storm, when in reality, the Florida Governor understands that people in his state will lose everything because he failed to fix the insurance crisis.

This is not the first time DeSantis has used the people of Florida for his benefit. Earlier this year, DeSantis allies in the Florida State House passed a law that made it legal for Ron DeSanits to run for President and be the Florida Governor at the same time.

DeSantis’ actions show the Florida Governor views the people of Florida as nothing more than a springboard for his personal political ambitions.

Original Article: https://nationalfile.com/loomer-exposes-desantis-for-breaking-florida-law/