Seismic Shift: Black Support for Trump EXPLODES Amidst Lawfare Persecutions

A seismic shift is being felt in American politics as support for 45th President Trump among black voters explodes amidst the deep state’s lawfare efforts to throw him in prison and kick him off of the ballot in 2024’s Presidential Election. As black support for Trump increases, black support for Joe Biden is going down in flames, with just 61% of black voters now saying they support the Democrat – a far cry from the 91% support that was reported in 2020.

According to a Fox News poll of 1,002 registered black voters, support for 45th President Trump among the crucial voting demographic now stands at 20%, up a sizeable 12 points from a 2020 Fox News voter analysis that pegged him at 8% support among blacks.

The trend for Joe Biden has been the exact opposite.

While the 2020 analysis found near monolithic support for Biden among blacks at 91%, the recent Fox News poll shows that he’s suffered a catastrophic dip to just 61% black support.

The bump in black support for President Trump comes as Democrats around the United States wage a grueling lawfare campaign against him, delivering multiple indictments on politically-motivated charges.

The bump recorded in the Fox News poll also came before the latest Trump indictment, in Fulton County, Georgia, where black voters turned out in droves to support Trump and, in some cases, lined the streets of their neighborhoods to cheer his motorcade and call on Democrats to end their campaign of persecution.

Following Trump’s indictment and arrest in Fulton County, which is the home of Atlanta, several prominent black entertainers, including rappers Chief Keef and Benny The Butcher, have released statements in support of the 45th President, with Chief Keef writing in an online post that black support for Trump is widespread, and Benny The Butcher revealing in a tweet that he will be voting for Trump in 2024.

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