Texas School Fires Black Supremacist Teacher After Shocking Tweets

A teacher from Thompson Elementary School in Mesquite, Texas, known as “Claire Kyle”, has been dismissed from her position following the discovery of disturbing anti-white racist posts on her social media, Your Content has learned.

The teacher, who had labeled herself a “black supremacist” on Twitter, came under scrutiny after a video compilation of her tweets and videos went viral.

The controversy began when a video compilation of the teacher’s tweets and videos was posted online, quickly gaining traction due to its shocking content.

In one of her messages, she had urged her boyfriend to harm a white man after learning her sister was in a relationship with him. The teacher had confidently taunted users online, believing her job was secure.

“I love being racist!” – Claire Kyle on her social media. “She will for sure not be fired because she’s a good teacher and the school board has her back.” – Claire Kyle, prior to her dismissal.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Claire Kyle worked as a first-grade teacher at Thompson Elementary School. A six-year-old Google review from a former student also surfaced, alleging that they were bullied by the teacher for being white. The school district later issued a statement confirming her termination and her ineligibility for rehire.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vetting educators and ensuring that they uphold the values of inclusivity and respect. Racism, in any form, has no place in educational institutions, especially when young, impressionable minds are involved.

Original Article: https://www.yc.news/2023/08/08/texas-school-fires-black-supremacist-teacher-after-shocking-tweets/