While communist Democrats have been trying to fundraise off the Trump mug shot from Fulton County, Trump is the one actually making $$$ off it. So far, in less than a week, Trump has already raised over seven million dollars off the mug shot swag and gear. Nicely done Fani Willis!

Those who figured a mug shot would symbolize former President Donald Trump’s downfall were confronted with well over 7 million indications to the contrary in the days following his 20-minute prison stint in Georgia.

Within 48 hours of having his photograph taken Thursday at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail, which the Republican candidate called a “terrible experience,” Trump’s campaign managed to raise roughly $7.1 million, contributing to the estimated $20 million he has raised since early August, reported Politico.

On Friday alone, the Republican front-runner pulled in $4.18 million, reportedly setting a record for the biggest 24-hour period so far in his 2024 campaign. By way of comparison, Axios noted that Trump raised $5 million over three days following his first indictment in late March.

The recent fundraising boost has been greatly aided by his mug shot, which some correctly predicted would be become instantly iconic.

Trump used the mug shot to stage his return to X, where TheBlaze reported it quickly garnered hundreds of millions of views.

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