Netflix Star’s Unexpected Admission about Her Breastfeeding Experience

“‘My Unorthodox Life” Star Julia Haart Shares Intimate Details from Her Orthodox Jewish Upbringing.

Now 52, Haart confessed to breastfeeding her brother at the same time she was nursing her eldest daughter. The intriguing twist? Her youngest brother is just a few months younger than her now 30-year-old daughter, as shared by the Netflix sensation.

“You wanna hear a real mindf–k? I nursed my brother,” Haart said on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. “My mother was like, ‘Oh you’re already nursing your daughter. Take him, too. So, I ended up nursing my brother and my daughter. That’s a mindf–k.”

“I don’t think he remembers,” she claimed.

Haart likened life in the Orthodox Jewish community to existing in the 1800s.

“Go back a couple hundred years, everyone had a wet nurse, right? You didn’t nurse your own baby if you had money.”

“That’s the community I lived in. I lived in the 1800s. I always tell people I’m a time traveler. If you want to understand the world I lived in, go back to the 1800s, that’s it. I lived an 18th-century existence.”

At the age of 42 in 2013, Haart departed from the Haredi community in New York. The ex-CEO of Elite Model Management has four children, Batsheva, Miriam, Shlomo, and Aron, with a man she was matched with for marriage when she was 19.

“I’ve been questioning [Orthodox Judaism] my entire life – silently, inside. But they had convinced me that I was somehow inherently flawed for not being okay with the system,” Haart explained.

It dawned on Haart that the flaw lay in “the system” and not within her when her daughter, Miriam, who’s now 23, started raising questions at just five years old.

“When she started questioning things, no one could convince me that she was somehow flawed. Because she was five,” she said. “You know, and they had convinced me that something was wrong with me for questioning, but when she started questioning it – that’s when I realized it’s not me, it’s the system. The system is not okay.”

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