Network contributor expresses death wish – for President Trump

The rhetoric over the past handful of years has been bad many times, and even extreme, against President Donald Trump. But an MSNBC columnist has set a new standard with his death wish for him.

Dean Obeidallah claims Donald Trump “must die in prison.” This, he claims, is in order to “protect the Democratic Republic.”

Obeidallah was discussing his extremism with Mediaite reporter Tommy Christopher and the subject of the media’s “portrayal of the advanced ages of the two primary presidential contenders” came up.

He then demanded that Trump “die in prison.”

“I don’t care if he was 45 years old. You should get life in prison if you attempt a coup, and there should be no chance of parole.””
“I don’t care who it is,” he added.

Breitbart reported Obeidallah said, “Because either we’re going to protect the Democratic Republic or we’re going to allow people — in this case, Trump — to chip away at our democracy and chip away at what we believe in these institutions. That’s why I’m so passionate about, like with every fiber of my being, that Donald Trump has to live out his natural days, his last days of natural life, in a prison cell.”

He insists that there be a “deterrence.”

“That’s why it so outrages me now when Ron DeSantis was on Newsmax a few days ago saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to look at pardons for the Proud Boys, like Trump has said.'”

He continued, “The prosecution laid out the case: they began plotting right after the election when Trump said the election was stolen. They brought their people there. They had 200 people there at ten in the morning, way before Trump’s speech down by the Capitol, because they had plotted how they were going to attack the Capitol. And they did that to stop the certification, and that’s why they were convicted of seditious conspiracy, just one step below treason.”

Obeidallah also has claimed Trump is “the Bin Laden of the 1/6 MAGA terrorist attack” and “a greater threat today to our nation than al-Qaida.”

report at BizPacReview explained as Obeiddalah used it, “democracy” is a word that “no longer bears any resemblance to traditional liberal principles and has perverted as a cloak for the authoritarianism of the Democratic party which in many ways.”

The report pointed out that the “rabid left-winger” “falsely claimed that the January 6, 2021 ruckus at the U.S. Capitol was a legitimate coup d’etat that had a serious chance of overthrowing the entire government and called for Trump to be given what amounts to a death sentence when he is inevitably convicted by a D.C. jury that hates his guts.”

The report described Obeidallah’s remarks as “sick.”

Obeidallah then went to social media to double down.

“Trump at his rally last night looked very ill. I despise Trump BUT I do NOT want him to die UNTIL he is tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. Trump must die in prison as a warning to all who attempt a coup that you will face same fate. That’s Only way to protect our Republic.”

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