Republicans Use Trump Arrest Tactics Against Democrats

This week, Georgia’s Republican attorney general showed that the gloves are off by charging 61 radicals based on the same law that was used against Trump.

Now that the shoe has landed on the other foot, lefties are complaining about the RICO charges and calling them “anti-democratic,” according to the Associated Press.

What’s the history?

Leftist radicals have been trying to stop the building of a new $90 million law enforcement training center in Dekalb County’s South River Forest for a long time. In order to get their way, they have used terroristic methods.

Earlier in the year, Governor Brian Kemp (R) declared, “In my state, domestic terrorism won’t be allowed. We won’t stop until extremists who use violence and threats to get what they want are brought to justice.”

In January, Attorney General Chris Carr warned the radicals, who had been helped by groups linked to Democrats and other leftist groups, by saying, “We are not Oregon. We are not California. We are not the capital. It is not permitted for you to enter our state, disobey our laws, hurl rocks at structures, cause property damage, and shoot police personnel. It is accurate to say that we are charging you, and you are going to be charged.”

Since then, dozens of anarchists, including a lawyer from the Southern Poverty Law Center, have been indicted in connection with the “Stop Cop City” movement.

Three dozen people have been charged with terrorism. Three people have been charged with criminal intimidation for allegedly passing out flyers that called a state cop a “murderer” for killing a violent extremist. In May, three anarchists who worked with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund were indicted for stealing from organizations and laundering money.

Even though some of those charges might be true in the end, Carr doesn’t seem to be sure of anything. Also, the extremists could get much longer terms if they are found guilty under RICO.


This week, Carr issued a broad indictment against 61 extremists in Fulton County, charging them with racketeering.

All of the people who have been charged are a part of Defend the Atlanta Forest, which Carr’s office described in a statement as an “extremist anarchist, anti-police, and anti-business group.”

“Carr talked about the charges at a press conference.” He said, “The accusation says that members of Defend the Atlanta Forest believe in chaos.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said, “Their core belief is that society should get rid of law enforcement, government, and private companies. It is also said that they are willing to make these changes ‘by any means necessary.’”

The Georgia attorney general’s office said that the 61 defendants “are claimed to have worked together to stop the building of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Facility by committing, arranging, and organizing acts of intimidation, violence, and destruction of property in Fulton County, other parts of Georgia, as well as other states.”

43 of the people on trial had already been charged with domestic terrorism.

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